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Most workers these days have aren’t their companies’ biggest advocates. Ask a cross-section of modern full-time employees, and you’ll hear a surprising amount say that they feel trapped in their job. The people who work for you are among your most valuable assets, and you can’t afford to neglect them. If you’re afraid of a strain between your employees and the business at an executive level, here some ways to make them love you.




Know What They Hate About Work


Everyone has things they’ll put up with in their professional life, even though they drain their energy and grind down their mood. In some cases, those tolerations are very specific, for example a company policy which makes it hard for them to spend quality time with their families. In many organizations, these kinds of pain points are experienced universally, by everyone below the very top of the pyramid. This might be a travel-booking system that’s hard to use, or simpler challenges like finding a conference room. Whatever it is at your company that annoys your employees, make sure you understand the issues thoroughly, and do all you can to mitigate or eliminate them.




Focus on their Families




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Although technology has achieved some amazing things, it’s also eaten into most professionals’ family time. The distinction between free time and work is rapidly fading. More and more company cultures are rewarding their staff for being on-call 24/7. Sure, you may be giving something back to employees through generous retirement plans or learning how to become an investor services advisor. However, you also need to be paying attention to the here and now, and making your employees’ family time a priority. When you’re sensitive to your employees’ needs outside of the office, and demonstrate this regularly, you’ll gain their loyalty faster than you can imagine! Just make sure you’re not treating single employees, or those that don’t have kids, unfairly.




Make the Most of Performance Evaluation

Most CEOs and higher-ups these days think of performance review time as one big hassle, rather than a golden opportunity to analyze, strengthen and support staff skills. You can’t get away from performance evaluation, so instead, try to make this time of the quarter more palatable; both to yourself and your employees. One effective way of doing this is spreading the work out over a longer window of time. While constructive criticism is important, make sure you’re using the time to celebrate employee skills and accomplishments.




Actively Seek Feedback, and Act on It

The best performance evaluations cover management just as much as employees. Start engineering regular and accessible opportunities for getting feedback from your employees. Then, let them hear what you learned from all the feedback you received, and how you’re going to act on it. Finally, make sure you apply it, in a way that will affect your employees and show that you care for the way their work affects them. Don’t get defensive in the face of criticism, but don’t forget to look for positive feedback either.




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