You Need To Know About SEO – And You Need To Know It Now






SEO is an oft spoken about affiliate marketing strategy, but one that’s not widely understood. For that reason, it is effective. However, SEO marketing has so many potential benefits for your business and the clients who encounter it at the same time, that it could be considered the most effective and organic method of marketing ever devised.




Thanks to the growing nature and ease of access to information on the web, the modern day superpower of the internet is giving people free informative content on almost every website you can visit. Aside from social media and internet marketing, there has been relatively little modern revolutions in the way standard marketing strategies work.




Enter SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is offers your prospective client something in return for their exchange in reading the blog or website that your marketing links are hosted on. Informative content is a net positive for the internet no matter how you look at it, and SEO takes this into account. Loosely defined, SEO is concerned with raising the authority ranking on the search engine’s listings.




In a simple example to help you understand how this works, consider the following imaginary scenario. John, the hero of our tale, runs a surfing shop on a beach front. He’s looking for a new veneer to coat his boards in because the original doesn’t seem to be holding up on the new material that is being adopted into modern surfboards. He types into a popular search engine, usually Google, the search term “Effective veneers for the modern surfboard,” hoping to find a wealth of information that will not only efficiently point him in the right direction, but might explain why this veneer is worth adopting in the first place.



He reads the article, and becomes excited that such a simple solution exists. He considers stocking his store with the item in question. Luckily, organically and subtly embedded into the content piece that he is reading, John finds a link to a manufacturer or wholesaler of this product. Who would have thought?




Luckily, because of the well researched nature of the article he just read, he considers it to be authoritative, and looks upon the product with more of an open and friendly mindset than he would have done if a banner advertisement (made at a reputable vendor like would have intruded on his social media pages. John purchases the veneer and is happy with the whole process. He doesn’t feel like he was unduly sold to, but he also doesn’t feel like he was tricked into buying the product. The whole process happened naturally, and John was free at any time to choose another product or another information source.



However, SEO works on the main psychology that the higher ranked terms on the internet are the ones most worth looking for. This is generally true. You can see through your own internet habits that searching Google for something, you rarely click  to the 30th page listing before you browse the first few returned result pages. The method of raising your article on a blog that can host affiliate links is what’s known as SEO.



SEO is cheap. SEO is efficient. SEO is friendly and unintrusive. If you’re unsure, there are many SEO services available to help you out. What’s more, SEO is targeted. John would never have encountered that article had he have run a skiing store. There would have been zero reason for him to have visited that article in question, unless he had an affinity to learn how to surf one summer. Because you’re offering a service or product to someone who has directly attempted to learn more about it, you are exposed to the simple target audience that you’d want to be, without having to spend hundreds or thousands on a targeted social media campaign, messing around with demographics and other superfluous tools.


You can see the results of adapted SEO marketing into your business, no matter what your business is involved in. Natural marketing has never held such potential.




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