I am pretty sure that you know the law of the state where you live in. If you do not know the law, at least you know what you can do and what is forbidden to do. That is why we have laws. Some say that law is here to braking it. Maybe for them, but that not finish good for them.

I know some laws which you cannot brake and works the same every time. I learned from Jim Rohn. What is very interesting this laws exist as world exist and they didn’t change it never. And that is the law of nature. Nature works the same every time, you cannot change it, you cannot brake it. Only thing is learn it and work according it.

So, what is that mean for us in Network Marketing? How can we apply it? It means very simple things. If you plant a seed it will grow a plant. So, what we have to do? We have to plant a seeds.

How to plant a seed effectively?

I know that some of you said that you talked with 10 or 20 people and nothing. I know that. You plant, but your seed did fall in the ground, but nothing happened. I know that you plant and your seed was eaten by the birds. I know that happened to you. But look at the farmers, what they do? They go to the field and take care for their seed.

Let say that you have your friend John. He had to come to the meeting and he is not there. You call him to ask him why he didn’t come and he said. Well, my friend is told me that this is Network Marketing and I will not be there. So, you start to chase that friend of his who told him that and you will left the field with your seeds. For sure birds or somebody else will eat your seeds. Do not leave the field with your seeds ones you put them in the ground. This is very simple. Take care for your seeds, anyway you will lost a few by the birds or somebody else. Without few you can continue, but if you lost every seed, than you are in trouble.


Where to plant?

If you will walk around and talk that this ground is bad and this one is good or some parts of ground is good and some bad. You will never grow your plants. Never! You have to trow your seeds all over the ground everywhere, here and there. Because your seed will catch somewhere and somewhere not. So, put your seeds every where. Do not think, put it everywhere.


Important thing

You would maybe like that from every seed you have a plant. I know that, but to tell you the true that is not possible, no way. if you trow enough seeds you will have some plants, but not from the all your seed. Now it is very important that you take care for the best little plants which goes out of the ground. Since you cannot take care for all of them, some of them will die. You have to take care only for the best ones and make sure that nothing happen to those plants. If you would work like that and if you would watch for a laws of nature you will made a good job in Network Marketing.

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