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Leadership is very important role in any business. Today maybe the most important. Truth is that today it is easier than ever to be successful. But if you want to succeed you need for sure Leadership skills, in any business not only in Network Marketing.

There is a lot of book about Leadership. I think that every book is great, for sure some are better than others, there is one book which is really great! That is 5 Level of Leadership from John C. Maxwell

Maxwell explains how five level of Leadership can change your perspective on Leadership. I will in short make an explanation for you of this five levels.


1. Position

This can be applied in any business, also in Network Marketing. So, if you are a somebody upline that doesn’t mean that your downline have to listen to you. Maybe it will, because you are a upline but if you stay only on this first level of Leadership. You will not have too much followers. You must go to a second level, since people don’t have to listen to you because you have “position” and you are their upline.


2. Relationships

On this level people follow you because you made a good relationship with them. Well, this you have to earn, you cannot have that with your position. Now, on this level people follow you because of your relationship with them. If you do not have any relationship with your people then your are on first level of Leadership. So, make a relationship with your people. It will put you on a higher level of your Leadership with them.


3. Productivity

This level you have also earn. You must be productive. People follow productive people. Special when they also would like to be productive. Interesting thing is that if you want to go on higher level you must hold the level before. So, if you want to go to third level than you must be a upline, have a good relationship with your people and you must be productive. You cannot be only productive and be on level 3 of Leadership. You have to have two levels before also.


4. Creating a new leaders

This is very important and great level. Here you create new Leaders, with this position, you made a great future for your self. Because in Network Marketing you must have leaders to be free. If you do not create leaders in your downline, than you do not have a good duplication and you do not have a healthy Network Marketing business. Their success is yours also. Creating new leaders is one really great level.


5. Respect

Last three levels you have to earn, and this fifth level you get from your people. That means, that you were doing great with so many people for so long time that you lead people because of you are and what you represent. That is the fifth level of Leadership. Given to you from your people. This is the highest level of Leadership, and you cannot claim it for your self. You get it from your people. How to get on level five Leadership? You must do first four levels very good. But, you must know one thing. You will never be with everybody on same level. When you have a new people on your business, you will start with them on first level of Leadership. For them you will be only the upline, nothing else. But, those who you develop, you will be on level four.

This was the 5 Leves of Leadership in short. I Strongly suggest that you read 5 Level of Leadership from John C. Maxwell this book is really great!

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