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Did you heard that you are just like those people with who you spend time. So, ask your self with what kind of people I am? To be successful in Network Marketing you have to be positive. I mean if you want to successful in nay business you have to be positive not negative. All those negative people who you meet during your journey try to destroy your positive attitude and at the end whole business.

If you have idea to change those people, to make them positive. Ok, that is your choice, but it is the same as you are trying to move 5 floor building only with your arms. You are losing time with them. They are just like zombies, you cannot turn them back to humans, you can only become zombie like them or run away!! Trust me, run away! Fast and don’t look back.


What are they trying to do?

Those negative people could be your family, friends and other close one to you. I know that you cannot run away from your family, but you can put them on side. Just for some time until you finish what you start. Your family could be joules on you. They thinking if he succeed in this MLM business he will be better than me. That is the reason why your family will say no to you and try to push you away from your new business.

Your friends are the same story. Let say that you are on the beer with your friends every Friday drinking having fun, and one Friday you do not show up. Your are not there, you said that you have a business to run. Those your friends will tell you that you are stupid and that you losing time with MLM business. Reason why? They feel bad about them self. Because they know deep down in their heart that they losing time on beers every Friday. They will do anything to pull you down with them. Anything! Let’s say that you and your four friends are in a big barrel. One day you decide to go out and left them inside. will they let you do it? No! No way. What you have to do is run away!


New people

Family you have which you have. You cannot change your family, but your friends are different story. You can have a lot of friends and you can change them how ever you want. It is your decision. Why change friends? Well, you can have a friend from your kindergarten, but you develop over the years differently and have different thinkings and way of looking things and so on. If you do not have nothing together with your old friends you can have a new friends. Don’t worry your old friends will not run away from you. When you will be successful they will be here, just like your family.

Stick to those people who are positive and have positive impact on you. stick to those people who lift you up, not put you down. Than your progress will be much faster and better.

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