New Year Resolution

New Year comes and old one leaves. I believe that you made a lot of plans for a new year. That means that you are not satisfied with you and what are you doing right now.

Did you set a goals? It is New Year and everybody makes a New Years Resolution that they will lose weight, that they will do this and do that.

Most of the time this New Years resolutions are lasting as a New Year, only one day. Why is it like that?

Because somebody over the time made up New Years resolutions which no body stick to it. New Year day is one real funny day. Everybody set their up their hair, buy new dress. There is big preparation for New Year and after New year, everything looks like before.


Don’t have to be like that

New Year should not be time for any New year resolutions or something like that. We all can celebrate New Year and we all can have fun without feeling guilty that we eat too much, drink too much or do anything else too much. This is only calendar New year and it is here with us or without us. Every year is New year, we cannot change that. But, what can we change? We can change our New year resolutions and stop with that. Because this kind of resolution lasts for a one day.

We do not need New Year to make a change in our lives. We can do it when ever we want. We can do it when we decide to do it. When we are ready for it. That can be during a whole year, and that will last for a longer period of time.

We can use calendar for measuring things which we want to accomplish. Just like when you want to lose weight you have to measure it somehow. Right? You don’t need New Year for losing weight, you have to stop eating like crazy to lose weight.



When you are ready set your goals. Always write goals on the paper with your hand. There is something magic in writing goals on the paper. I don’t know did you notice, but every time when you write down some reminder, you remember that. But if you don’t write down your reminder than you forget about it. Than you said I don’t have to write down anymore because I remember, but if you don’t write down you, don’t remember nothing. That’s the way it is.

Write your goals set a date when you will finish this goal. Then start to do it. This looks very simple, and it is. To make it little bit more complicated you can set two types of goals. Long term and short-term goal.

Long term goal is something what you like to accomplish. Something bigger and those short-term goals are parts of that big goal. That is also simple. If you will have any problems with setting the goals, you can contact me and I will help you with this.


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