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If you don’t like the idea that the search engine tracks what you do, where you go, and how you behave on the internet then this will be the best post you ever read.

What means a private search engine?

Probably now you use search engines like Google, like Bing, Yahoo, and so o. All those search engines track your behave on the internet. They do that so they can offer you an ad for products which you just search.

I even don’t mind that, but they don’t know when to stop. So, I searched for products to buy and when I buy them, still I receive tons of commercials for the product I already bought. That is crazy annoying. Another thing that you maybe don’t like is that Google tracks where you are going. They know where you have been and how much time did you spend there. So, if you like your privacy I am sure that part will not make you happy.

Here is a search engine that doesn’t track your behave on the internet, doesn’t track where are you going and it is absolutely private. Another great thing is that with this search engine you can make money. Yes, your read it right, you can browse and earn crypto tokens.

Why somebody will pay you to browse their search engine?

In the Crypto world, it is normal that somebody pays you to use their application, or any other software which they got. Now, these days we got video games that are play-to-earn. Developers will pay you to play the games. Special if the project is in the early phase. So, in this search engine, you will get tokens which then you can exchange on Crypto exchange to some other asset or to real money.
By the time I write this Presearch search engine is let’s say in the early phase.

The early phase of Presearch private search engine?

By the time I write this Presearch search engine is let’s say in the early phase. They are old for 4 years but recent news just pushes them forward. Probably you didn’t know that Google was fined a record $5 billion by the EU for Android antitrust violations. One of the problem was that they didn’t make possible for other search engine developers to be on android phones, they always preinstall Chrome. So, they got penalty.

Since they need to change that and preinstall some other search engine they decide for Presearch search engine. So, from 01.09.2021.on all devices in EU and UK it will be installed Presearch search engine. From that moment things changed for Presearch and it started new phase for them. Soon millions of people will use Presearch in their android mobile phones. Also that will bring more people to crypto world since they will see that using search engine they get tokens.

This search engine got an easy and great way to advertise your business. Only thing what you need to do is to buy PRE what is Presearch search engine token and stake it for a word which you would like to use. How that exactly works?
Let say that you sell potatoes and it would be great that when somebody search for potatoes in search engine find your website first. So, your key word will be “potatoes”. If you want to have it right now on Presearch you will need to stake PRE for that word and create keyword ad. If another Potato seller would like to be on top of the search he need to stake more PRE tokens than you. Who got more staked tokens on the same word got an advantage.

At the moment I write this you can still find some nice words which are not used already, and stake some not so big amount of PRE. In the near future probably you will need to invest more tokens to used that word which will lead to your website.

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