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Research show that people would like to accept information much better if they will received it not all in one time, but in few different times. What is that mean?

If you are going with your prospect on coffee and you are all fired up to explain your new business to him and you tell him everything you know about it. he will probably not join your business. But, if you gave them information in few different times or steps, than there is 50% more chance that he will accept your invitation in your business.

So, than how would look like your approach to your prospects for your Network Marketing business?

1. Invitation

Made an invitation to coffee and don’t talk to much about business. You have something important to talk about with that person and that is all what you have to say. Told them that you will talk with them on coffee.


2. Coffee

Here is important to find his needs. What he would like to have in the future. Talk with him to find where is his why to start a new business. Does he have a “why” to start a business? Don’t talk about your opportunity.When you define his why and you see that he/she is the person which would like to start a business. Than you promote open plan. I am sure that you have it in some hotels at least ones a week or ones in two weeks.


3. Open plan

You set a meeting half an hour earlier. Before Open plan starts. Why? To talk with that person before Open Plan, to introduce your sponsor, or upline. So, they can talk a little with your prospects. So, he can see that you have a team, that you are not alone. Than you two goes to the Open plan.

Now in this section he receives information two times. Before open plan and during the open plan.


4. After Open plan

Make agreement with your prospects that he stays on short drink after the open plan. On that time you and your sponsor and presenter should talk with your prospect to see which part he liked the most of business presentation. Don’t ask your prospects what he thinks. Because in that way you force him to choose, but it is not yet time for decision, not yet. Ask him which part of presentation he like the most. After that small talk give him brochure or sample product in his hands. Don’t let him go with empty hands home.
Before you sent him home. Made appointment for follow-up.


5. Follow up

Now is the time for decision. On this last step if you made all this steps before correct he will be ready to join your company. He will even came with credit card in his hands and ask where he can sign up.

We made six steps to the final decision. we didn’t do it over the phone in first conversation. we didn’t do it on the coffee. We gave to him information in steps and that is the most easiest way to have a new member in your Network Marketing business.


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