How to act on Open Plan

I am sure that you have Open Plan once per week in some Hotel or some conference room. I know that you a are good Network Marketer and that you will bring new people to the Open Plan. Well there is a way how to perform to make it the best possible way. There is few things you have to do it to make it good job.


1. Make edification of your sponsor

It doesn’t matter how your sponsor acts and works. You have to make a edification of your sponsor. What is that mean? That mean that you have to said to your new people how your sponsor is great and how he or she works that business perfectly and how they knows what are they doing. Don’t tell to your sponsor how your new guy is great and how he will be perfect in this business, how he is already great in some other business and os on. Do not make edification of your new people to your sponsor. Because you want that your new people listen to your sponsor not vice-versa. Right? So give power with edification to your sponsor, than your sponsor will give power back to you.


2. Introduce your new people to your sponsor

On the Open Plan for sure it will be your sponsor. You already made edification of your sponsor and new people can’t wait to meet such a great guy or girl. ¬†First thing what you have to do is to introduce your people to your sponsor and said that your sponsor helps you a lot in this business. So, they know that you are not alone and also they will know that they will not be alone in this business. ¬†Your people must know that you have a team.


3. Watch plan carefully

I know that you know your marketing plan perfect and that you heard it 10000 times. But, if you want your people listen carefully, you have to do it also. First you seat in the front raw, if you are a leader you will seat in the first line. Not in the last, if you want to people follow you, you must act like a leader. It doesn’t matter where they will seat. Maybe they will follow you and seat next to you or maybe they will seat in back. it is their problem.

You have to listen plan like you heard it for the first time. You cannot look at your mobile phone while your sponsor or upline talks. You cannot also talk with somebody and making jokes. You are there to make a business not to have fun. You have to listen if you want them to listen. It is very easy, if you will not take it seriously, your people will not take it seriously.


4. After Open Plan

After Open Plan do not run away home. Remember that leaders come first and goes home last. After Open plan stay with your people on short drink and try to have your sponsor little at your table, or the best thing it will be that presenter come little to your table and have a few words with your people. When presenter is at your table. He had the biggest power, because he was presenter. Than you have to be quit and let presenter to speak. Always presenter have the biggest power. Always. If you would like to have that power after the Open plan you have to speak at Open plan.


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