Step out of the shadow

Did you ever heard that the guy who teach in MLM business makes the most money? Well it is true. All the guys which are made presentations, hold workshops and webinars makes more money than other which don’t do that. Why?

Do you think somebody pays the, to hold webinars or workshops? No, it is very simple they are much more engaged in business than those which ones are passive.

1. Open plan

If you have a weekly open plan. Than you have to learn it. It will not be a problem because you will listen to it for a lot of times. Than you made a little practice at home and then you tell to your sponsor or upline that you would like to make an Open plan presentation. If your upline watch for a good duplication and asks that you made same presentation as he did. Just do it. Don’t made up yours. Do the same as your sponsor do it. Because you want that your downlines do it the same as you. It is important for duplication.


2. Workshop

Start to do workshops for your people. It doesn’t matter if there is only two people. You have to be professional. So, do this workshop just like it is 20 people. If you will do it like that, than you will have 20 people on workshops.

What to tech them? Teach them simple things for the beginning. How to start you MLM business. How to invite people and so on. On every workshop made a edification for your sponsor, because you will need him later. If you do not give power to your sponsor, he cannot give you back the same power.


3. Webinars

You must know that this is your business and you have to act like a leader. So, to do that you have to start to have your own webinars. Don’t wait for your sponsor do it your self. Your sponsor is here to help you, not to work instead of you. You are responsible for your business, not your sponsor. Take the lead. As soon as you do that you will make more money and more people would like to work with you. So, in that case you have more control.


Step out of the shadow! I know that some people get used to seat down and wait for sponsor to made his business. Later on if business fails than it is sponsor fault. Your business is your responsibility. Thrust me. People get’s connected to people not to company. So, you need that people connects with you.

People will always connect to Leaders. If you are in the shadow your people will connect to your upline or sponsor. This is ok, but your upline and sponsor can work only with some amount of people. They have others to, not only you and your people. So, take the lead, get out of the shadow and start to teach others.

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