Coach what is that?

If that up is your question, than you are in big problems. Maybe you never ask yourself do you need a coach. maybe you think you are smart enough that you know everything. That is all maybe.

Here are things which are for sure and there is no question about it. Do you know any successful sport team or person who do not have a coach? I don’t. Every successful person have a coach and that’s a fact!

I know those guys who said that they are the ones who learned everything by them self and that they didn’t have anybody to show them anything.

To tell you the truth this few guys which told me that kind of story was lying. Because later on I find out that they also had a coach, but their ego is higher than they are and they said I didn’t have coach, and no body teach me. I had to do it all by myself.

Well, anyway that is kind a stupid. Because we have to use the knowledge of others and to add something of our own and be better than people before us. So, with our knowledge next generation will be better than we are. At least I hope so. If they not destroy the planet before.

What will coach do for you?

  1. Coach will show you where did you stuck in your business.
  2. Coach will teach you things which you didn’t know
  3. Coach will challenge you to give your best
  4. Coach will confront you to move you if you get little slow down
  5. Coach will motivate you like this one in this 3min video

If that coach on this video didn’t get you chills than you are a dead fish. With chills or without you will do any job or business without a good coach.  What steps you have to do regarding the find a good coach?

How to find a good coach?

  1. It don’t have to guy which screams like this one on video
  2. It don’t have to be successful like crazy with tons of money
  3. It has to fit with your values
  4. You have to understand him well, he/she have to fit you
  5. He/she have to able to motivate you
  6. He/she have to know the subject which coaching

Knowing the subject is on the list, but it is not the most important thing. Why? Very simple if information will be so good than everybody will be skinny, rich and happy. But, they didn’t. Everybody have those information’s. How to lose weight? Everybody knows that, but lot of people are still fat.

How to be rich. There are tons of books and information’s on how to be rich, but lot of people are poor. Only information will not help. You have to have someone to move you.

And that is a coach! Find it and win in life!

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