child-14892_6403 Ways how your prospects will chase you for a presentation!

When we start to work in any Network marketing company one of the most important thing is to show our presentation to our prospects. Right?

We have to show it almost to everybody, but how to do it to not be pushy for the people. What usually every new member of any Network Marketing company do? When they join, they start to chase everybody to show them presentation. But, when you chase others to show them your presentation, than a big resistance show up. Because it looks like you are trying to sell them something. Truth is that You are trying to sell them. Everything is selling so, every time somebody sells something to somebody.

Maybe that is the reason why they don’t like the idea of selling. Ok, let’s go to a three ways of how they will chase you.


1. Don’t try to sell them

I think this is clear. People don’t like that you or anybody else selling them anything. Like it is excellent explain Tom Hopkins in his book Low profile selling. Tom says act like a Lamb sell, like a Lion! So, don’t try to sell them, but instead talk like you talk about something what you purchase and how good it is. You can tell them that this is not for them anyway. No selling, no pushing, just small talk about great business and  how good it is for you.



2. Don’t give them what they want now

One of the good way it to not to give them presentation when they ask for it. I know that is a hard thing for most of you. Because you cannot wait to give the presentation to the people. But in this way you will have much more success with your presentation.

How to manage it. Let’s say you are in coffee bar and you ask a waitress, does she would like to work as a waitress for the rest of her life? She will say, NO!! No way. Than you said that you have excellent business idea. She said, ok tell me. You said that you cannot because she is working now and give her your business card. She can call you later for a presentation. If you do it 5 times per day like that. Your phone will ring everyday and somebody will ask you that you made a presentation for them. More about this technic you can read in Ice breakers book from Big Al


3. Do not explain over the phone

Don’t explain nothing over the phone. If you will do that, than you are out. No, body would like to hear your presentation if you will start to explain it over the telephone. I understand long time ago when there was no mobile phones and my father told me. Hrvoje phone is for making appointment not for talking. So, old lesson works now also. Phone is not for talking, use it only for invitation. When you invite them don’t sound like you are ready to be there in one minute. No, you have to sound like you don’t have time to much, but you will show to him something good, but not today, maybe next week you can seat on coffee. Hope you understand! Do it like that every day with one person and you will made lot of appointments in the next month.

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