How to prepare your self for a good video

Today everybody have some kind of video, some people have simple videos and some them have drone video with better quality. If you take a look on youtube you will notice that any kid have a good video. So, how to prepare your self to have a good video.

1. Turn of the mobile phone.

you will believe it, but when you start to record your video. Somebody will call you. It is just the Murphy law. The best way is to turn of the sound on it. If you recording your video with your phone that put it on “Flight mode”. Than no body can interrupt your recording.


2. Tell to your family that you record

You must tell to your family that you are recording, because they will interrupt you, call you for this and that, or they will slam with door’s or anything else. They must know that they have to be quit this 10-20 minutes or even less if you do it fast. It will be much easier for you and you will not lose time for repeating.


3. Just be you

Sometimes it is hard to be your self. I know that we all would like to sound like our heroes, but we are not we sound like we do. Do not try to copy anybody because to copy somebody else it’s much harder that to be your self. So, you don’t have to go to acting school. You just have to be you.


4. Light

You will not believe how much light need any camera. It is really crazy. That’s why I suggest you that you made your recording on daily light. Because on daily light it is enough light for your camera.  If you recording from your mobile phone, most of mobile phones have their own light on it. So, you must be closer to the phone so, that light have effect.


5. Repetition

Practice will made a master from you. If you are not happy with your recording, you can erase it and made a new one. After few times you will made a good video and later on if you will do video two to three times per week you will be better and better. Don’t worry practice and you will become excellent in doing video’s.


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