What if they don't want?


usa-49909_640Notice it?

Did you notice that some new people when you sign them up. Don’t listen to you, or upline or anybody? Did you notice that some new people don’t come on the meetings, don’t invite people in right way. They do not do nothing what they learned or maybe better to say they didn’t learn anything.


What to do with such a people?

Most of the beginners in Network Marketing when they sign up one of their friend to their business expect that this guy will made a big success in MLM. But unfortunately it is not like that. It is little bit different. But, our new guy chase their friend and try to force him to do a great business. Friend is interested first month and then nothing, but our beginner chase him, call him: “Where are you? Why didn’t you came on the meeting?” and words like that. So, our beginner lose lot’s of time with his friend which is not so interested in business.

What to do with people like this. Let them go! As soon as possible, let them go. You will only lose time with them. Listen to the words of Jim Rohn. He said: “Some will, some don’t, so what.” It doesn’t matter if that your friend is not so interested as he told you in the beginning. Find another one. Do not lose time with this guy.



You know if you find another one very fast and don’t pay too much attention to your friend, maybe just maybe he will move a little. but if you will jump on him and made a pressure on this poor guy who is not interested anyway like he told you that is. Than maybe he will do something if you leave him alone.

Network marketing is a Leadership business and in this business we have to find a leaders. Leaders are those who start to do something by them self. Leaders are not those who waits for others. In MLM you have to find leaders. If that is not your friends, than maybe it their friends. You have to find them.

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