meeting-1002800_1280In what kind of business are you?

When new prospect see a marketing plan of some Network marketing company, he don’t know in what kind of business he is.

  • First he thinks that he will be rich in a few days.
  • Second after this few days he knows that will not going to happen.
  • Third after that he thinks that he is in sales and that he must sell products to be successful.
  • After that he thinks that he must force somebody to get in the business
  • After that he thinks that quoting is the best option

This is very interesting thing. Because lot of people quit before they even know in what kind a business are in. Why it is like that? Because no body told them in what kind a business they are. So, after all that most of those guys which quits forever says that Network marketing is a scam. They are right!! For them it is scam, because they were thinking that this is something else. After they change several thinkings about what Network Marketing it is then they find out that it is scam.


What is scam?

Scam is when somebody told you that Network Marketing is one thing and you find out that is not what this guy told you it is. So, you are tricked, but what happens to our guys in MLM they feel tricked more than once. Because first they think they will be rich in few days. Boom! One disappointment. Than he finds out that he must sell. Boom! Second disappointment! After that he must chase people third disappointment. Well in original scam when you want to trick somebody usually do it once. Not three times. People feel cheated and they quit forever.


Real truth is much better

What is the real truth? Real truth is that Network marketing is a Leadership business, it is not sales, it is not chasing people it is leading people. That is important to tell to every new guy or a girl in MLM. If we do not do it in proper way they will feel cheated. The most important thing is to tell them the truth. Will they understand? Probably not, but we have to tell them that they will not understand anyway. Simple truth is much better than wrong philosophy. Later on they will blame you that you cheat on them. I am sure that some of you have such an experience.  I don’t want say that you are scammers, but you know how they said: “Road to hell is paved with good intentions”.


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