Staff training is an important part of any manager or business owner’s role, whether an employee is new to the company or has been part of the team for years. Recent studies indicate that training opportunities and career development are among the top factors American jobseekers use to rank new opportunities. Therefore, if you want to attract and retain top talent, you need to make training your team a priority.

One way to ensure you stay a cut above the competition is to look for new and innovative ideas to help employees learn using technology. If you want to train employees effectively and increase engagement and retention, here are three revolutionary training ideas to help you feel inspired.

Online Explainer Videos

In the same way that marketing videos are used to increase consumer engagement, they will also engage your employees more than face-to-face seminars or written training materials. According to recent statistics, people are only likely to remember 10% of the information they hear three days later. However, if that information is paired with vibrant imagery, people will retain approximately 65% of the information within the same time frame.

If you want to incorporate videos into your training program, you can use Adobe Spark’s explainer video maker tool to create presentations and explainer videos for free, so your company’s budget won’t take a hit. You don’t need any knowledge of video programming, production, or the latest FCPX plugins either. The application software is easy to use and tailored to complete beginners.

Virtual Reality (VR)

One of the reasons why virtual reality is taking the marketing world by storm is that it creates interactive scenarios that mirror real-life situations. However, while VR provides new and exciting ways for brands to engage with their customers, it can also be used as an innovative training tool. The training opportunities for immersive VR in industries like healthcare, retail, and hospitality are endless and could transform the way businesses recruit and develop talent.

With VR, training becomes enjoyable and entertaining, making it a real draw when you take into consideration 1 in 3 employees in America believe uninspiring training content is the greatest barrier to learning. VR makes for an immersive training experience that can simulate the way equipment, machines, and human beings respond to certain actions while harnessing the ability to simplify complex learning materials.

Mobile Training Apps

Data from Global Workplace Analytics found approximately 25 percent of American employees now work remotely to some degree, increasing the need for mobile training opportunities. Mobile training apps help you keep track of employee training and provides the option for workers to learn in an environment of their choice, which will ideally be one in which they feel comfortable and most able to absorb new information.

The only downside of using mobile training software is that employees may request to be compensated for extra training time outside the office if they’re expected to train from home. If this creates a budgeting issue, you could always allocate training hours into the workday or try to create more flexible working opportunities to align with their development.

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