Simple Ways To Keep Your Business Organised


Don’t let organisation become an uphill struggle

Let’s face it, with the many demands in running a business, things can get a little chaotic. The business owner needs to keep on top of every aspect, ensuring nothing gets out of control. From organising people to managing the expenses, the business will suffer if anything falls out of place, and disaster can strike. In this article, we will give you some tips on better organising different aspects in your business. In short, we are going to bring order before certain aspects of your business fall into chaos.

Your supply chain

This is complicated stuff, from managing your inventory to getting your product from your suppliers to the consumer. Logistically, it can be a bit of a nightmare, especially when trying to manage every aspect of the process.

Our tip: Use a logistics company, such as the services of Paul Trudgian Supply Chain Consultant. It will save you both time and stress, and with a managed service, you have the guarantee that everything will get to where you need it to.

Your team

It’s not always practical to have everybody in the same office, and when you have people scattered locally or globally, there is a wide chance of miscommunication. Even within your own business space, with everybody going about their daily tasks, there is the chance for misunderstanding if they rarely get together during the day.

Our tip: Stay in touch with one another. When the team is localised, have regular meetings to keep everybody up to speed with each other. Should the team be scattered, remember the importance of apps. We recommend Slack, which allows for video and audio calling, file and screen sharing, and the integration of other management-based apps to improve collaboration.

Your cash flow

Balancing your books isn’t easy, especially if you aren’t au fait with money and numbers. You need to monitor your income and expenses, chase up invoice demands, and deal with your taxes. As a business leader, you have a lot of tasks on your hands, but if you mess up your finances, your business will get into serious trouble.

Our tip: On a practical level, a bookkeeper or an accountant is the sensible choice. They will sort out the heavy burden of your taxes, and stay on top of your books. We also recommend apps such as Freshbooks, online tools that can help you keep an eye on your finances wherever you are, and give you options for managing and chasing up your invoices.

Your workload

With everything you have to do in the day, it’s easy to let the wrong tasks become priority and time can be wasted. If you’re not careful, your workload will spill over into the next day, and you will become overwhelmed with everything you have to crack on with.

Our tip: In some cases, employing new members of staff or outsourcing aspects of your workload is the sensible things to do. Still, there are times when you have to manage your time and personal workload effectively, so again, use an app. Google Calendar will let you keep on top of what you need to do in the day (you will never miss a meeting again), and Awesome Note will help you to prioritise your your to-do list in an aesthetically pleasing way.


By following our advice, and utilising the right apps and people, you should be able to keep the important aspects of your business organised. Let us know what you think, and if you have any further tips, be sure to let us know.

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