3 Way how to stick with your goal?

goalWe can agree on one thing for sure. In any business and also in Online, affiliate or network marketing business it is very important to have set and written goals.

I know that life could be easier without goals, but that is not true. If you are a person who do not want to write goals and be later on disappointed  than I think you are making a big mistake.

What is a person without a goal. Imagine that you are going out of the house and start walking without a goal. Without a goal where are you going. That means you are going nowhere. So, goals in life are very important. We can set different kind of goals. Short terms, long terms and so on. But the most important things is to stick to your gals. What you have to do to be with your goals.


1. Write it down

If you don’t write down your goals it is just the same like you do not have it. What is that mean? It means that it is the same if you don’t have any goals or you have and those goals are not written. Like you said! My goal is to lose 5kg of weight, if you not write that down, nothing will happen. To achieve your goals, you have to set your goals! Something happens in the brain when you write down your goals. Something gets wired with your brain, action and written goals.


2. Read your goal

So, now when you set your goals and write it down somewhere, next thing what you have to do is to read it. How many times? You have to read this goals every day. If you will not read it, you will forget about it and you will not do the job. This is very simple. You have to read your goals every day. It doesn’t matter if tat is long-term or short-term goals. Lot of people made visual board where their goals are written.


3. Make a plan for your goal

When you have set your goals. Than you must have a plan how to achieve this goals. Just like you are going to the market store to buy groceries. First you have written what you will buy. Than you are going in your car to some specific store and there you buy what you need and after that you are going home in the same way. so, you have a plan how you will do it. If you cannot accomplish your plan in a one day just use you plan to accomplish goal next day. Every day until it is done!

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