stickI know that out there on this fantastic internet there is a lot different things, there is so much opportunities that you can all day look at opportunities and strategies how to earn the money. If you will take a look at all of this stuff you will get no where, that is for sure. I m not saying that you must have only one opportunity, it is the same like you have all eggs in one basket, and we all know what that means. If you have more opportunities at least they have to be compatible together. Otherwise you will do nothing with your online business.

Ok, let say that you have more opportunities, what is ok. It is not such a big problem like marketing that your opportunities, that is much bigger problem.


Marketing everywhere

It is a big challenge to be only on one social media, since there is so much funny and interesting social media. I know that you would like to be on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and everywhere else. But, if you would like to do a good job in online marketing, you have to focus on only one strategy and master it. I mean you can be present everywhere on every social media, but if you are going to pay for advertising do it only on one social media. Do, not spend your money on very social media because you will have bad results. Special in the beginning. If you are beginner, and maybe you don’t have too much money for advertising it is better to spend it with results.

I am sure that you noticed that you can very easy spend money online on advertising and don’t have any results. The reason for that is very simple. You spend your money on every social media. Maybe it is not much, but when you put all together it is a nice amount of money and no results.


Stick to one strategy

Stick to one social media where you decide to crush it. It doesn’t matter which one is that it can be the one you choose. They are all different, some social media is faster, some slower, some you like more, some less. Some have more rules, some less. You can choose where to go and crush it. Don’t try to be present every where because you will do nothing. Take one strategy and do your best, learn the more as you can about it and do what ever you can to be one of the best.

I know how do you feel it was the same for me. I did stick to one strategy and there was nothing happen. I know that you think if you are present every where that you will have more traffic. But, that simply is not the truth. If you decide to work with Twitter? Here you can take Twitter training for free.

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