tolerateSimple question today. Does your people tolerate you or really follow you? I know that sometimes when you become successful in business everything is changed and I am sure that you know a lot of people who start to act strange when they become sponsor or upline.

After few days they become that smartest persons which you ever saw in life, and two days ago were normal. Did you ever notice that? I am sure you did, you notice that on somebody else, but very rare are those who noticed on them self.


Earn your position

Position doesn’t make you a leader. Story is completely different, you have to earn your position. What is that mean. If you are in Network marketing business or in any other business were you have to deal with people and you become upline to one group of people, you have to earn your position in that group.

What is that mean? You have to lead this people in the way that those people follow you, not tolerate you. If they only tolerate you then they will soon left somewhere else. That’s the way it is. But on the other hand if they really follow you and they are happy to see you, than situation is different.

How to earn Leadership position

To lead people is easy and hard in the same time. You have to lead people before you get any position and if you will be the smartest one all the time, then people will tolerate you. Usually they will not tolerate you long time. So, start to act like a leader:

1. Leaders are not the smartest

I am sure that you notice those guys around you. There is really lot of them, and people don’t tolerate them. You don’t have to be smartest, but you have to listen more. That is why you have two ears and one mouth! (just in case you ever ask your self why is that)


2. Leaders are nice, not arrogant

Leaders are not arrogant. They are nice to be around, and those same people don’t look at your weak sides and mention them, but look at your strong sides. Watch out, there is very small line between arrogance and confidence. Arrogance very few tolerate, and it is question what is going on in their head.

3. Leaders don’t have to say that they are leaders

I am sure that you now those guys. Which scream all the time I am the boss, I am the leader and all of this are my followers. Those kind of people are really no leaders. True leader never have to say that he is a leader. Just like the famous movie actor never have to say: “You know I am a famous actor!” 🙂


4. Leaders are those who goes first in the action

Real leader goes first in the battle. No matter how that battle looks like. If you want to be a leader you have to be first who will go and fight with problems and new things which happen.

If you would like to learn how to be a leader you easy use this learning platform below.

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In any case your leader position you have to earn. You will not get it by someone else as a gift, you cannot get it. Only earn it!


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