valueOne of the most important thing is to give value to the market place. That is the way to attract the people. You have to help people to achieve their goals and then it will be easier for you. To receive some value back from the market you have to give value to the market! How you can do it online and even offline. Give something for free, give some knowledge for free! Where can you do that?


1. Blog post

If you have your own blog that is great. Because if you don’t have your own blog you are like homeless on internet. That is way is important to have your own blog. I mean you can use social media, but you are not the owner of social media pages. You are only using them and if they don’t like what you wrote they can very easy cancel your account. If you do not have blog you can take it here and learn it how to use it.

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2. Webinars

Webinars are an excellent thing to help people to learn something new. On webinars you can also give a lot of value to the people in that what are you doing. You can have webinars once per week or you can have twice per week. Here you can register on free webinar.

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3. Workshops

Workshops are awesome, because you are there face to face with a people and it is great way to connect with them. Another thing is when people come to the workshops you know that those people are really interested to change something in their life. It has more power than webinar. Because on webinar people can connect from home and disconnect anytime, or they can be connected and not listen to what you are talking. What in live version is not the case.

So, give people value and you will get value back! Very simple!


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