Do you have a fantastic idea for a business? Have you dedicated hour after hour of your own time to meticulous market research, trying to demonstrate a quantifiable demand for your business idea? Has your every spare moment been dedicated to creating a business plan that’s so detailed, so comprehensive and so inventive that it borders on art? Have you already composed some creative and engaging branding ideas that you just know will play well to your target market? If all of the above have already happened and yet you haven’t pulled your trigger on your business, it begs the question… Why? Of course, this is the real world and the ‘whys’ that could prevent you from bringing your business to life might seem enormous and insurmountable. However, where there’s a will there’s a way. Here we’ll look at some common barriers to business and how you can hurdle over them to bring your business to the world…



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You can’t get credit

Unless your business plan has very few or no overheads, it can be difficult securing the startup capital if you have poor credit. While seasoned entrepreneurs are able to show lenders the complete history of their personal and business finances, nascent business people can only present lenders with their personal finances. And if you credit rating is less than stellar, you may find that a lot of doors shut in your face. Fortunately, this is something that you needn’t suffer for much longer. Consolidating your existing debts can work wonders for your credit rating. Check out for more information. Consolidating your debts replaces all of your existing debts with one new debt making it not only much easier to manage but much more flattering on credit audits. So long as you can keep up with the consolidated payments, poor credit needn’t be an impediment to business success.


Bank after bank has turned you down

It can be extremely frustrating when you’ve put so much effort into carefully calculating the costs of your business plan only to have your painstaking calculations met with shaking head after shaking head. Fear not, though. This may speak more to banks’ skittishness in the wake of the 2007-2008 financial crisis than to anything wrong with your business plan. There may be a wealth of alternative funding options that can help you to make your business dream a reality. In fact, if you live in the UK there is specific legislation in place to help you secure funding after a bank has turned you down. Under the Small Business Enterprise and Employment Act of 2015 if a bank turns you down for funding they are legally obliged to help you find an alternative funding source.


Too much, too fast

Starting your own business can liberate you from a job you hate or a lifestyle that feels like you’;re treading water, but it can also be a hugely disruptive experience, demanding more of your time than any job ever could. Thus, you may be hesitant to start your business as you fear it may make you more financially vulnerable as you’ll no longer have a steady stream of income, or you may fear that it will alienate you from your spouse and kids.


The beauty of the digital age is that your business can be operated (at least in a smaller capacity) as a side hustle alongside your day job. Over time you can build your brand and establish a client base without needing to start up your business from out of nowhere.


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