An Underdog Story: Going Toe To Toe With The Big Brands


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Maybe you’ve only just decided that you’re an entrepreneur, or maybe you’ve been in the game for a while. You build your business from your work study or perhaps even the desk in your bedroom, and you watch as the big brands still manage to take away so many potential customers who you so desperately wish you could reach. What you probably don’t yet realize is that you’re in the perfect position for success; you’re an underdog. Things can only go up for you from here.



You need to see opportunities that the big brands can’t see and seize them. You might be working on your own or you might have a small team of friends who are helping you build your small business or blog. Whatever the case, you have the advantage of still being small. You have a grasp of your business as a whole, and you have the potential to grow it in any way you see fit. You’re not some corporate business owner who’s lost touch with the “consumer”. If you want to learn how to take on the big brands as a freelancer or an entrepreneur then here are some tips to help you begin.



Value your customers as people.

I’m not suggesting that you’re heartless enough to forget to do this, but your greatest strength against the big brands is that you’re still on the ground and you can still connect with potential clients on a personal level. As an entrepreneur of a freelance business or a small startup comprised of half a dozen like-minded individuals, you need to be valuing community above all else when you’re connecting with your audience. When people are faced with your website or blog, even if it seems far more personal than the websites for big corporate brands in your respective industry, they’re still just seeing an image on a computer screen.


You need to be doing more than advertising your services. You need to show that you’re human and connect with your existing or potential customers on a personal level. That means networking and building a community through social media (or real life, depending on the scope of your business model). You could be connecting with fellow small business owners within your industry to see if you can help one another, as it’s hard to survive in a dog-eat-dog world. You shouldn’t be competing with everyone.




Professionalism is the key to success even as a small, friendly and laidback freelancer. You can still be approachable and friendly to your customers, but they’ll want a high-quality product or service from you at the end of the day. If you want to compete with the big brands, you need to build a reputation for yourself, and that depends on getting five-star reviews across the board. You can’t let your standards slack.


You might want to look into options such as Premier Global Office Solutions for virtual offices if your small startup running from a home study needs a professional team to tend to as large a client-base as the big names in the industry. You shouldn’t take on more work than you or your small team can handle, as that’s when quality starts to suffer and bad reviews roll in. That can be very damaging if your business has yet to make a name for itself.



Digital marketing.

When it comes to an entrepreneur standing out amongst a sea of big competition, the internet is your greatest friend in this new business venture. Your business’ online brand is its life supply when your name is relatively unknown, as the key to gaining customers in the modern age is to let them find you rather than forcing your products and brand onto them. You might want to look into search engine optimization techniques to ensure that your website stands a chance of showing up before the big names in the industry when people search for terms related to your services.


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