What's Missing From Your Content Marketing?

Content is an essential staple in any modern marketing strategy. It can expose your business to countless new prospects, and allow you to target prospective customers at various stages of your buying cycle, and with different intentions. This, in turn, allows you to nurture leads up to the point where they’re ready to buy, and let you solve a problem for them. If you feel your content strategy is a little lackluster, you should follow the next tips and the read more on showcase idx.

Landing Pages

Even the best content can fail if you have other pieces of your lead generation strategy that don’t work. One essential part of this is landing pages – those pages that are dedicated to a specific aspect of your business. Unlike your website, which has to cater to all of your prospects, landing pages allow you to pitch to a more specific lead; someone with a certain problem which you can offer the solution to. Due to landing pages, if a piece of content happens to attract your target market, they’ll have a point of reference to find out more about how you can help them. Read more about landing pages at Hubspot.com.

Guest Blogging

It’s great if you have an audience who sees the content platforms you own as an authority, but you also need to get your content seen on blogs and publications that carry their own intrinsic value. By accessing these platforms through sites like

GuestPostTracker.com, you can instantly bolster your content strategy and reap in all kinds of great rewards. Including guest posting as part of your content strategy will give you much more traffic through inbound links, greater social media exposure, and can inject greater credibility into your brand when no one knows who you are. If you’re lacking a guest blogging element to your content, start doing some outreach now!

Broad Diversity

A lot of newbie entrepreneurs think that “content marketing” is synonymous with blogging. This really isn’t the case. Yes, it’s true that blog posts are one of the most common formats of content that are created and published. However, there are a range of others that you can use, both to educate and entertain your audience. Videos, infographics, images, and even things like comic strips and memes can all go into a powerful mix of content that you should be taking advantage of. Naturally, not everything is going to work for your business, but you should definitely be going further than just blogging. For example, a public library can send out a Library newsletter to their community, this is an effective way to promote their services like when new books come out and it can also inform people about the current events at the library.

Lack of Integration with the Rest of your Marketing

As we mentioned in the intro, content marketing is absolutely essential to your overall strategy. However, a lot of entrepreneurs who are just starting out tend to think of it as separate from the rest of their marketing activities. Your content strategy needs to be one little part that meshes cleanly with the bigger picture. Don’t put across one brand persona in some materials, and then a completely contrasting one in the rest. This will only serve to confuse and alienate your customer base. Getting student insight on your product is also important.

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