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Today we will go with different personalities of people. There is a lot of different ways and different tests on characters of people. There is some deeper and analyses and not so deep, but combination of this four personalities groups it is pretty easy to recognize.




We have:

Sanguines – This personalities like to socialize, chat, having fun and so on. They are pretty good friends and those types enjoy a lot of people around them. usually they do the talking and sometimes they are very loud. They are very friendly and nice, but sometimes they don’t do the work which they needed to do. They are trying to popular and enjoying in that position.


Choleric – This type is people who are very productive. They want to be in charge, also they made decisions very fast. They are hard-working without too much smile on their face. They don’t have time for smiling, only for working. Sometimes they are to tough for other people. Specially in Network marketing they can loos lot of people because they don’t have enough empathy for people.


Phlegmatic РThis type is relaxed and not too much worry about anything. usually they do not made any decisions and they work the best in peaceful environment. They have a nice humor, but they are not very hard workers. They mostly enjoy the time not to upset anybody. Sometimes they upset Choleric types with their indifferent way of working things. If you want to sign up a Phlegmatic than you will have to decide instead of him/her.


Melancholy РThis types are perfectionist. They analyze a lot. Usually those types are the most intelligent, but sometimes are too much depressed. They like to get things done perfect. With too much analyze they are loosing time on thinking is it good or not good. While other do it, Melancholy personality thinking. They will ask you hundred questions and then they will think should I sign up or not.

Anyway all of us are mixed of this four personalities, but two personalities it is easier to notice in everybody. Usually we are:

  1. Choleric – Sanguines
  2. sanguine – Phlegmatic
  3. Choleric – Melancholy

There is no bad or good type of personalities, but we are all different. When you talk to people it is good that you know with who do you talk and the way how to talk.

With Choleric you have to be hard and challenge him or her. Said to him: “You cannot do it anyway” will have most effect on him.

With Sanguines just you have to said: “It will be fun, there is a lot of people”

With Phlegmatic you have to said: “Come on let’s go, don’t stand here like a doll” and they will go with you.

With Melancholy you have to give them time to think about everything, to see good side and bad side. Show them all the details, because they will need it to make any decision.

Watch the people and try to solve in first few minutes what type of personality they are and then talk with them in the way they like it and need it. You will see how things will change for you also.


Hrvoje Horvat


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