You cannot believe what kind of people you will find in Network Marketing


The most important thing in any business is knowledge. You cannot do any work if you don’t know nothing about it. I mean you can, but you will not have any success. When people join in MLM business, they think they know how to do it. But very soon they find out that they don’t know nothing about Network Marketing.

Lot’s off them never find out that they are the problem, not MLM. For them Network Marketing is not working, sponsor is stupid and this business is also stupid. Reality is that any business you have to learn to do it successful. Communication is core Network Marketing technic, and most of the people are not so good in basic people skill, communication.

All of them don’t have right knowledge how to communicate, how to make good approach to the people and other technic which are important to be successful in Network Marketing.

In Network Marketing you will notice few different categories of people.

  1. Excited and fired up like crazy. Those guys say, yeeeeesss! We will be rich!! This is the best business in the whole world!!! They are running around like crazy, fired up like crazy. But they burn out very fast. Just like very bright light bulb, which burn out fast.Try to motivate those guys as long as you can. Because they can fire up other people also for your business. if you will not motivate them all the time, they will lose their fire.
  2. Those who are always complaining on everything. Usually they said:
    “Product should be like this and this.”
    “Compensation plan is not good, it should be like this and this.”
    “Sponsor is not good, up line also and  so on…”It is better to avoid such a persons. They are negative about everything. With them you can only lose time. Because they are focused only on bad things, not on good things. Biggest question is why are they get in the MLM business?
  3. Those who make their own move. This guys are potential leaders. They start to work, learn, ask questions all the time. They are positive, follow the system. Do everything what is necessary to succeed. With this guys you should spend more time and help them to become leaders. Because that is what you need in your group, a leader.
  4. Those who would like to socialize. You will not believe how many people is not in the business to make money, but for socializing. Most of the time those are good people, positive. They like nice atmosphere and want to have friends. With them be nice, don’t push them to do something, because probably they will not do it. If you will not be nice to them they will go to some other MLM business where they can be in nice environment. It is good to have nice and positive people in your group. So, try to keep them.
  5. Those who are not move fast. They are static, but they believe in system learn and made small progress. Usually those people are consistent and do what you told them. To made them a leaders you will need time and lot of work with them. So, this type of people are good to work with.
    You must know that in this business you need only Leaders in your group to be free!

For you most important thing is to know how to work with all of them. But, before any work you have to recognize this different types of persons. In the next blog I will talk about four different personalities which exist and you have to learn how recognize them.

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Hrvoje Horvat


P.S. You can go faster than my blogs and take a look at this book which talks about four different personalities. Book is: Personality plus – Florence Littauer

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