Very expensive

Friend of my said how he bought very cheap and great TV. How fantastic is, how smart is that TV. I mean he talked bout it like it was pure gold. He talked half an hour about this fantastic and great TV. But reality is completely different.

He didn’t buy a cheap TV, he bought the very expensive thing for him. Very, but he didn’t realise how much cost him watching TV. That is the real cost, not the price for a big flat plastic box. That is cheap. Expensive is to watch it.

Statistic said that people who watch a lot television is poor.
Question is, do you want to be poor?

Statistic said that people who watch a lot television are fat.
Do you want to be fat?

Statistic said that people who watch a lot of television are not very smart.
Do you want to be stupid?

So, it is very understandable regarding the statistic if you watch a lot of television you will be poor, fat and stupid. Tell me who needs that?

Take a control of your life and stop watching TV, change that time for learning. It is much better to invest time and money in learning than to watch TV.

Do you want to get back to statistic?

Statistic said that the most succesful people don’t watch TV. If they watch at screen that it is learning trainings for that what they do. Succesful people don’t watch reality show, soaps, and other things what don’t have value. Some of them don’t even watch the news.

If you will stop watching TV you will see how much time you have for other things which makes you happy and positive instead of watching TV which makes you poor, fat and stupid.

Say bye, bye to TV.


Hrvoje Horvat

P.S. Read the book from Jerry Mader – Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television.┬áPost here what you think about TV and Idea of throwing it away.

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