I know you will said to me now. What I am talking about? What kind of painting? Did you ever ask your self why would someone join in your business? There are outside thousands of different business and lot of them searching for a great workaholic like you to. So, main thing is to picture them image of what they will had with your business.

They don’t need image of your business. Because they would not like it anyway. Picture them how they life could look like with your opportunity. Picture them what they will have after they do the job and how their life will look like.

But, there is always one but. First you have to find out what they would like, what is their problem at the moment. Because everybody would like to have perfect life, big house which has swimming pool nice cars, clothes and so on. Everybody! Most of them think they cannot do that. If you show them big houses, cars and all that they probably will not join you. Reason is they don’t beleve in them that they can do it. So, they will not join your business.

What you have to do. Is to find out what trouble them now today. Don’t picture them dreams which looks impossible to them at the moment. Picture them image of solution for their problem right now. For that you have to ask them what troubles them? With a simple questions.


  1. Do you need more money?
    If say yes now you know that they need more money
  2. Do you like your present work?
    If say no than you know that they would like to change it
  3. Are you planing to live like that whole your life?
    If they say no. You know they want to change something
  4. Are you ready to change something?
    If they say yes, maybe they are ready. (sometimes they are not but they say yes.)


So after this few questions you know what you have to do. You know that they need money, don’t like their work. Most probably they don’t like their boss. Because everybody get a job in some company because of company and never quit company because of company but because of somebody in company, usually their boss.
We know that they don’t want to live like that and they need a change.

Simple everything what they said you just give them back. You simple said to them that you have a good opportunity a good business. Which they can start to do and in a few months they can earn more money , quit their job (better to say boss) work for them self with more money and drastically change their live. Here is the link of a video where you can see a guy who record himself how he Fired his boss!

Well, now he is interested. You set half a puzzle to him. Here we go on another part of puzzle to picture him a full image.


Most of the people is not creative. Maybe they were before but after complete schooling they are not anymore. So, don’t expect they will find out by them self how to start and to work successful your MLM business. You have to show them step, by step what they have to do and how to do it. Try to use same way as your sponsor so you can create duplication, because duplication is most important in this business. Without good duplication you don’t have a business, you have lot’s of people who don’t know what they are doing.

Show them step, by step how do you doing your business. In my MLM we have a system which works, system which goes step by step with a new member. The most important thing is that system is the same for everybody who joins your business. Of course important thing is that this system works. If system don’t works than is the same like you don’t have any system.

Now you have new member which is excited and start to follow the system. Than means that you done a great job in painting him or her a picture of new life and your business. Congratulation you are really great! New man have a great image of himself in a new house with a new car and happy life on the beach. He start to work like crazy, get few no and his image of new house, new car, beach start to fading. When he receives even more NO, image is fading even more.

Now is your turn to teach him how to make his image alive with all the colors of his house and brand new car, enjoying his life at home with wife and kids.

How to teach him that? Easley! Just take a look at my first blog post!!


Hrvoje Horvat

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