If you are longer in MLM than you will know what I am talking about. This 5 – Ways how to set yourself to never quit Network Marketing Business share with your people in the first month of their business if you would like to keep most of them.


1. You must know that everything starts with you. Your Network Marketing business starts with you. In the beginning when you sign up there is nobody under you. You are alone! In the same time you are the most important person in the business.
I know that MLM is business where you have to talk a lot with other people, but most important talk which you will have during MLM business is what you talk to yourself. Don’t tell me that you don’t talk with yourself when I know that you talk with the people in the car in front of you if stopping on green light! Number one goal is to stay positive no matter what. How? Read on.


2. Read! If you were never some of the reader now start to read. You don’t have to read whole day, but commit yourself to read at least ten pages of book or some other article. What kind of books you have to read? Read books which are talking about MLM business, positive mental attitude, self-development books and articles. No, meter what happens during the day, how up or down you are , read this ten pages. Every time this will lift you up and put you again on your track. It will give you hope, and how John Maxwell said: «Hope in the future gives you power today». We live in the negative world and to be productive you need a positive attitude. With reading you will keep it. If you said that you don’t have time , put your book in the toilet and I am telling you, few pages you will read without loosing any time.


3. Cut the negativity. As I said we live in the negative world. Cut the whole negative things which can influence you. Television, instead of television watch video testimonials of other people who make it in MLM business. If they can do it, you can also. Newspaper, radio, your boss. Ok, probably you cannot cut your boss, but try it. Did you notice that news bring only negative things what happens somewhere in the world and you cannot influence on that. The only thing you can influence is your life. But if you watch what happens in the other part of the world you will feel bad and start to be negative. Negative feeling makes you unproductive, specially in MLM business. Any news which you need to know you will find out anyway. Your friends and family will inform you about anything you have to know and even more. Thrust me on that. Watch out for negative people who are around you. Sometimes your good friends can be very negative and discourage you. Question is who need such a friends? If you have them, than you don’t need enemies. Cut such a friends.


4. Make your car your university. You heard that before and it can be done easily. In your car you probably listen music. Now start to listen while you are driving educative material. Motivating material, something what will lift you up. Some material from which you can learn new ideas and tactics in your MLM business. In that way you will be relaxed in-car when it will be rush hour. Because you are not loosing time, you are learning. I know that most of you are not auditive people. I am also not, but to listen and pick up everything from this audio which you will listen, you need to listen it minimally 16 times. Yes you see it right 16 times you have to listen it. Also to spare your time you can listen same materials when you are exercising.


5. Change yourself fast. Nobody can change you, only you can do that. Do it fast. It is no use if you learn new things and never use it. In MLM you will make a lot of mistakes. Theory of stupidity is when you doing same thing and expecting different result. When you do mistake, try not to repeat it. Learn, and what you learn new , implement as soon as possible. There is no sense to learn, read, listen, and do everything else if don’t apply new things which you learned. Learn and apply now.


This 5 ways will help you to be on the right track. Even if you are not producing results in the moment. MLM is marathon and to stay on it apply this five rules. Share it with your downlines to keep them up and on the track also. New people when get in MLM business they are excited. But after few conversations with their friends and families, they are down. Special the reason is that new people don’t know nothing about this business. They need time to learn. Most of them quit before they learn anything. They easy forget the dream and passive income when loose their faith in MLM business. There are three the most important words in Network Marketing business and all top earners use it. Just Don’t Quit! Use this 5 tactics and you will not quit!

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