When will blog start to work for you?


Most of the People who start with their Online business expecting money results in few days when they start to doing something Online.  Things are not working in that way.

How things are working?

If you take the example of offline business you Will se that everybody have to invest big money in any offline business and them they talk about  years and years when they can expect that this money will be back. Yes you see it good.

For example if you have more than 400.000,00$ you can think about investing that money in franchise like McDonald’s. To tell you the truth I don’t how much is McDonald’s franchise, but it is for sure big money. So, you have to work for a 5 years to get your money back. You Will not earn half a million dollars in first month. The same story is in Online business.

Even better

You know in Online business it is even better than in offline business. You can invest peanuts, really small investment is in Online business. I am talking here about Network Marketing and Affiliate marketing. I am not talking about Online investing companies where you can invest big money.

So, you invest some small amount of money and them you must work. If you have your own blog which cost you maybe 20$ per month you cannot expect some big money to get out of it for a at least one year.

And yes you have to work on your blog all the time, even if it is just a part of your college side hustles. But after one year things start to change. You know more, people know you and they are ready to buy from your. We all know that People buy from People who they know, like and trust. It takes time that People know you, like you and trust you. It Will not go over night. Than means that you have to start now with your blog. Not tomorrow. Now! If you don’t have idea how to start with your blog? You can invest some money in yourself and in your knowledge and take this course to learn how to start with your blog and how to set up profitable and professional blog.

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