Do you have a New Year Resolution?


Last year I write a blog post after the New Year about New Year Resolution which Lot of People made. So, New Year knocks on our door again. 🙂

 This year I am doing it before New Year. Why? Let me explain what New Year Resolution is.



Every year People made this New Year Resolution.

They say that they Will lose weight, that they Will change this and that in their lives and what happen than? After ten days they break their rules and doing it just like they did it before any Resolution.



I must say that this New Years Resolution only frustrate you and it something what destroy your self-confidence. New Year is on Day in a years where start to count days from zero, it is a Day when you should have fun and that is it. Nothing else man. This is not specialize Day when everything Will change for you. No, it is not that Day. For changing things New Year day is useless.



If you would like to change something in your Life than you have to made decision. Most of decision which really Works are those which you made now. Not to connected with some date! If you want to change something you have to do it now! From this moment! That is how you Will made a change. So, if you think about some New Year Resolution you should not wait for a New Year!! Made a decision now! This moment! You Will see that your decision Will be much more stronger than every year New Year Resolution!


My decision

My decision is to stop eat carbs. Because I get fat like a balloon from carbs. I know that is not a right time for that decision, since now it is Christmas and New Year and there Will be Lot of food on the table, but I don’t care. Everybody say to me you should stop eat carbs after the New Year, but I don’t care.

Well if I would said that, that Will not happen very simple. For every decision you have to bring it now! Not to say that you Will do it for ten days, because you Will not.

Same thing is with business decision. If you said that you Will start your business for a two Weeks I am telling you that you Will not, and we can bet on it.

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