One of the very interesting thing is that People get in Online business think they do not need any tool for their business. But the rule of successful Online business is that you have and use tools.


What kind of tools?

We are not talking here about Hammer and screwdriver, we are talking about tools for Online business.

Yes here also have some tools which can help you in your business.



You know blog is also a tool which is must have if you are in Online business. You need your own blog to send People there to see what you have and what you represent. Blog is very important and very useful tool for your business.


Social media

Well I am sure that you are in Social media. Today everybody is, and in the future also everybody Will be using it. Social media is not some directly tool which you can buy, but Social media is platform where you can leverage your business. To leverage business on Social media platform’s you Will need tools.


First thing what you need to do is to choose Social media platform where would you like to work. Than to leverage your business you can buy tools which Will help you with Social media.



Lot of People use Facebook as their Social media where they will spend most of the time. I also use Facebook for my work. Facebook have Lot’s of their own features, but there is always more tools which can help you to leverage Facebook much more.

For example if you would like to post to more groups in one time than you can use software Octosuite. This software can help you to post to many groups in the same time and no, you will not finished in FB jail, there is lot of other excellent features which this software offer. 

You know that Facebook have option of doing live video on it. But at the moment it is Limited only for mobile phone for most of the People. Some People have option to use Facebook live from desktop. At the moment that is in beta version and probably you do not have it yet. You can use some tool to Open that possibility for you.

There is two softwares which you can use. One is OBS and the other one is Just broadcasting. This tool Will help you to made FB live directly from your desktop. What is more than fantastic in the same time you can record live your desktop or combination of your desktop and your face what is really fantastic. In any case tools can help you to build your business.


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