needLet’s go to leadership little

Since Network Marketing is a leadership business, you have to learn something about leadership. Just like John Maxwell would say Leadership is influence nothing more, nothing less. In Leadership you influence other people. That is the way also in Network Marketing.

In any people business there is different kind of people. So, to lead different kind of people you need to have some leadership skills. You do not have to be born leader because leaders are made not born. So, don’t worry since you are born you can be leader. Anybody can be a leader and almost everybody is. Because everybody makes some influence on somebody Right?





Do you need them?

To be a leader you must have followers. If you do not have followers than you are not leading anyone you are just taking a walk alone. So, you must have followers to be a leader, but you do not need them. On the other hand they need you!

Let me explain little this. When you lead people they need you, your help in their problems. Leaders are those who solving problems of other people, leaders are those who first going to fire and fight with all different kind of problems. If you need them, then some of them is a leader and you are follower.

Truth is that you cannot be a leader if you are not a follower. Because you also have to have a mentor who will lead you on your way. When you lead your people you handle their problems. You do not give your problems to them. btw. they even don’t care about your problems. They care about their problems and how to handle it. Even lot of leaders would think that you don’t have any problems. But reality is that everybody has problems that is normal in this world where we are living. To have more followers you have focus yourself on their problem and help them to solve it. Do not focus yourself on that you need more people, focus on problems they have and help them. Of course I do not mean that you give them the money and solve their money problem. I mean to help them in Network Marketing business.

To conclude you do not need them, but they need you to lead them in this nice journey which is called Network Marketing. Enjoy in beautiful Sunday!


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