opportunityDid you notice that some people always says that they had do this and that they had to do that. It is always talk about what they missed to do.

People always say I had to work with computers long time ago. If I start with computer long time ago I will be like Dell today. If I start with software long time ago I will be today like Bill Gates, If i started with… long time ago now I would have…



Did you notice that there is a lot of people who see opportunities when they already passed. If you are one of them than you are in real trouble. Do you know why?

Don’t look back

Because opportunities comes to you all the time. Do you notice that? Don’t be a person who looks back, because if you look back you will see only opportunities which are passed by you. Then this opportunities turn to some really great business, and you feel bad you didn’t take this opportunity. You have to look in front of you, so you can see opportunities which approach to you. Than you have to grab them and take them. If you will look at front you will not see this past opportunities and you will not feel bad about it.


Recognize Opportunity

First step is to look in front of you to see this opportunities which are coming in your way. Second step is to recognize them. They are coming undercover, so you think that it is not some big deal, but sometimes it is. Opportunity is hiding from you. But if you will look more in front of you, you will have more experience. That means that you will choose even bad opportunities. You will take it and find out that is not good. But with more experience you will take the right one and win in life.


Do not throw it away to soon

When you look at front, when you recognize opportunity first you have to work on it like crazy. Do not throw it away to soon. Most people do that, they find nice opportunity and they don’t work hard on it. They don’t put water on it, they don’t put opportunity on the sun and so on. Off course nothing will happen in that way, so they blame opportunity instead them self. If you go from opportunity to opportunity you will never done a good job. When you see her and recognize her, than stick with her until you succeed it.


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