Are you getting enough NO per day?

NoNetwork Marketing is let say easy business. Idea is simple, most of the plans are simple and that is great.
Interesting is that most people do not succeed in Network marketing. Did anyone ask them self why that is happening? Maybe they are, a maybe they didn’t.
Why People do not succeed in Network Marketing business? They simple don’t do what they need to be done. The biggest tragedy is that People know what they have to do and still don’ t do it.
That is very interesting, so we all have the knowledge but we do not use it. What is really strange. There is also lot of people who do what have to do. Just like Ray Higdon who goes everyday for 20 NO.
When he was going to get 20 NO per day, he was also received some yes. So, imagine that you have one person per day in your business. It is a dream of every network marketer!
Roadmap to success is very easy, just you have to go out and do it! If you are a person who likes more to be with some friends and have fun instead of work hard than you will have problems with your business. Start to work and things will change! If you more like to play Playstation, watch movies, watch sports and so on. You can forget about business.

Here is the simple roadmap to treasure!

1. Go get 10 No

Go out and get 10 No from people. You can also do that online. But be sure to get 10 times no per day! Remember Ray did it 20, so you can also do more than 10 times NO per day. Do not skip it, because consistency is important. Just put in your plan that you will get 10 times No!

2. Work with your new people

If you will not work with new people, you will lose them. So, work with them every day. Teach them how to start your business. Help them with what they struggle the most. Here you can see tips what to do with your new people.

3. Repeat the two above

Network Marketing is not nuclear science, it is not theory of universe it is Network Marketing business which create residual income and business which everybody can do.

4. Learn

Network Marketing is a Leadership business.  You have to lead people. Do not be afraid, you do not have to be born leader to be a good leader! I mean to be a leader you have to be born, otherwise you cannot be a leader. But there is no such thing as “Born leader”, leaders are made. So, you have to be made yourself and learn how to be a leader. For that you can use best platform for creating leaders and it is MLSP go check it out. Here you can take trial for 10$ and become a great leader.
Why do you still stare at this monitor? What do you wait for? Your people need a leader go there and learn how to do it. Press MLSP to get in!

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