Go for NO review

Go for No

Well this is my first book review. I like to read books and I have a Nice library which Will be even bigger over the time.
Reading books is very important thing and it is great way to learn, entertain and to become a better person.
Did you know that one research which made in jail showed that convicts which read books in jail start to be less wild and start to behave much better than those one which didn’t read nothing. So, reading is really great stuff. Also everybody says: “Leaders are readers”.
So, if you want to be leader you have to be reader! Simple and true. Now after we agreed that you must be a reader to lead. Now we can go on review of Go for No.
This book is written not only for People in Network Marketing it’s also easy to apply in sales jobs and every sales person can use it. Since in Network marketing people can also be in Sales business and usually we are. Because in most of the companies no body forbids to sale a products. You can also be in sales, earn some money. You can also be good in sales and in that way earn lot of money.
I Will try to write this review in a way that you jump and buy that book. Not in a way that you know what is inside. This review is here because of you. So, that you read this book. Not only to read it, but to do what book tell’s you inside to do. This is for your own good of course.
Anyway this fantastic book got lesson which you cannot imagine. I am sure that this approach which is written inside is new to you and that you Will be surprised when you read it. This book gave such a different approach. What kind of approach?

First question to you?

When a buyer comes to a store and buys a lot of stuff, sales person charge that and buyer leaves the store. What do you think in this situation. Did Sales person do a good Job when he sold his stuff for a big amount of money or not?

Second question

What do you think? Are you a good Network Marketer if you talk with a person, and person says no to you, so you then go home?

Third question

Do you think you have to hear yes and then be happy with what you do and accomplished? Or you think that No is also positive thing to hear?
Using advice from Go for NO book which is very easy to read you can completely change your life. So, this short book which you can read in one evening is a real treasure for any person who want to be successful in his business. I am sure that you will like the book and that you will recommend it to your people. After you read this book you will be happy to hear NO!

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