Small businesses are a part of big competition from the moment they get off the ground. Unfortunately, many small businesses fail before they can become something big and part of that is their online presence – or lack of it.

Online presence is more than just putting up a page of a website and being done with it. You need to set up your business in the virtual world so it is accessible 24/7. You want a welcoming front for your company no matter the time of day, and it goes beyond continued web development of the site to make the user experience better. It’s the social side of the internet. Social media websites should be a top priority for your business, as more people search online for their products and services every day. There are many reasons your online presence matters and we’ve put together some of those reasons so you can draw from it.



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  1. Accessibility. Businesses have set hours, but the internet doesn’t. People have their day in the office, then they come home to research the things they want to buy. If you have a great online presence, you’ll have set up as much space on the internet you can for your business. Your products can go into an online store which is always available and you can capture the customers as they’re interested.
  2. Audience. Your online presence doesn’t hold you back. Maybe you currently offer a niche, local service, but by moving it online, you can offer a service that reaches more than just the local area. You can open up a huge customer base just by putting your name out there. Knowing your audience is key to getting that to happen, so market your site toward the group you’re aiming for.
  3. Reviews. Most companies fear the power of reviews, but offering a voice to your customers on your website is probably one of the best things you can do for your business. You need to be able to give your customers a space to leave honest reviews of what you’re offering. An accessible website allows for this. You can then work on any issues and make changes to your product or service as necessary, all because of the reviews. Plus, don’t forget how positive reviews can boost your business. Happy customers talk to their friends, which gets you more business.
  4. Build A Brand. Not the same as Build A Bear. Building your brand is so important in the early days of a small business. You need to build trust in your brand and you want your user experience of your website to reflect your brand. A company needs to be aware that their ability to be available to their customers is crucial to the success of the business. Your brand is key!

The online presence of a company is what helps to drive it into the big leagues. If you put a good amount of effort into your website and social media, you can help your company to fly.


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