It is normal for someone to be in a mess if that person owns a small business. Handling small businesses is not as easy as it sounds. The owner must feel overwhelmed by daily challenges as searching and serving the clients is of utmost importance. One has to feel pressurized for expenditures more than income in small businesses.

The communication system in small businesses is a must but it is also a mess mostly. Sometimes any small business might have thought of having the best communication system. Where you will not have to chase after clients and both existing and new clients would be yours in the long term.

A virtual receptionist, answering service is not enough to keep your clients satisfied. Below are the top 10 tips to keep your clients happy and satisfied with your service.

Top 10 Customer Service Tips:

  1. Always Keep the Solutions Ready:

Whether it is from the customers or the staff, a business will always face problems on a regular basis. The main challenge is to face the problems which your customers share with you. Business is all about helping to solve the client’s problems. You need to identify your customer’s problems, bring out a solution and as a result, you shall be able to maintain better customer service. Never try to stick on deals or think about cash flow. That does not mean that you shall forget about the money, the main point is to give your customers the top priority. Helping your customers in need will definitely help your business in the future. Hence, this tip is of utmost importance.

  1. Stay Connected:

The client should also be a part of your family. If you keep connected with the clients through automated email campaigns. There are various ways of email campaigns. In the case of a new customer, an onboarding message can be sent, or a helpful content can also be sent and some tips can be shared as well. Using a simple email marketing tool, you can regularly keep in touch with your clients. InstantInfo Systems is a ucaas provider and you must seek the services of such providers to stay connected with your clients. 

3.Referral Rewards:

You can ask the clients for referrals. Offering the clients a small bonus or discounts can also be made. For example, discounts or bonus gifts or surprise gifts on occasion of festivals or even a month of free subscription. You can kindly offer this type of gift to the clients in exchange for referrals. 

  1. Turn the Client’s Expectation into Reality:

This tip is one of the most important tips to keep both your existing and new customers happy. That is, you must always be fair with your customers. Many businesses often exaggerate their offers or service before the customers. When it comes to a commitment they totally do the opposite and that is what drives the clients away. Always be honest with your customers and clear all the complications before you can make a commitment.

5.Offering the Best Service:

In a competitive marketplace, any business would be chasing after sales growth. As a result, the customer’s demand or queries are left unfulfilled. Looking after sales should always be important but giving customers the service they deserve at the same time will help you to step ahead in the marketplace.


Both in professional and personal life it is not good to be overconfident. This results in you becoming egoistic and that results in the downfall of your business. One of the most important aspects of a successful business is to get the client’s feedback. Whether a client gives the business positive or negative reviews should be taken kindly. Positive reviews are good news. The negative reviews should be worked on properly so that it turns into something good in the future. No matter how the review, never forget to thank them through email. It helps to maintain good customer service.

7.Train your Staff:

It is not possible for you to agree with your clients to the same degree as not everyone’s perspective is the same. You need people who can empathize or understand the clients. First of all, you need to recruit good listeners and then train them to tend to your client’s needs. Train the staff to communicate well with the customers. They should know every detail of the problem and come out with the best solution. Training your staff to be trusted advisors will have a long-lasting relationship with your clients.

8.Social Media:

It is important for the business to try to get the earliest reviews from the client. This can be possible through social media. Keep monitoring on your brands on social media and try to be as friendly with the clients there as possible. 

9.Easy Contact:

According to my friends, who all work for different IT Support Clayton MO companies, the main objective of your business is that your targeted customers should be able to approach you. Your contact number, office address, email address everything should be available to your customer. If you have a website, it should be visible there as well. The same goes for your website which should be attractive and easy to use. 


Always try to put the best remarkable campaign there is on your website. It is not good for the customers to go back when they have visited your profile. Always display attractive campaigns for your clients to contact you.


The above tips are compulsory to follow if you want to have a successful small business. Although it takes time for you to see the result it surely gives you’re the business the best outcome there is.

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Hrvoje Horvat

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