Starting a business is a major step regardless of what life and financial position you are in. That is why you need to have total faith in your idea and be confident that you are getting involved in the right area. Regardless of what type of company you start, the qualities of hard work, persistence and innovation all remain the same. If you are struggling for inspiration, it is worth taking a step back and thinking about what you are passionate about in life. The path to success becomes much smoother if you are truly fascinated in your chosen field. So, let’s take a look at some common business types that you could begin to see what captures your imagination.



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Retail or Wholesale?

This all depends on where exactly you would like to position your company on the supply chain. While retail businesses sell to consumers directly in smaller quantities, wholesale companies buy from outside manufacturers or importers, before selling them on to distributors and retailers. Your preference all depends on how you like selling. If you have a passion for dealing with the general public, then retail is likely to be the best option for you. If you prefer to make big pitches to other companies and land major contracts, then a wholesale business will work well for you.



Franchise or Independent?

If you decide to get involved in a franchise company, the groundwork has already been laid out for you and you know that it is a business model that has achieved success already. However, the approach you take will be much more rigid and the way you do business is often dictated to you in advance. At the other end of the spectrum, independent businesses are the type that you set up using your own innovation. This gives you a lot more control and freedom, but you have much less of a guarantee when it comes to how the market will react to your idea.



Product or Service?



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Many businesses strictly fall into either the product or service category, while some are an overlap of the two. Trained professionals tend to set up service businesses, usually having had experience working for other firms. One of the major challenges is generating business and picking up clients in the first place. The internet has provided an invaluable tool, so it is much easier to market your business online. For example, if you are looking to get involved in the financial services or insurance sector, you can easily find life insurance lead reviews on the web. Product businesses involve you coming up with an original idea (or tweaking one that is already out there) and marketing it to customers. It takes a very different approach, but it all depends on where your preferences lie.



Storefront or Non-Storefront?

If you have settled on starting up a product business, you will probably need a storefront of some kind unless you are planning to sell entirely online. M any of the most successful businesses nowadays operate using a combination of both. Another option is to get your products distributed by other already existing businesses. Many service businesses also need some sort of base to host clients, though increasing numbers are moving entirely into the virtual world. A whole range of modern services are not entirely web-based so people can save themselves a good deal of money by deciding to keep everything online. When starting off, a lot of business owners use their home as a storefront. It all depends on what type of business you would like to start.



Which Industry or Topic?



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Now it is time for the million dollar question: which industry would you like to start your business in? As we talked about at the start, it makes sense that you have a good level of experience in your chosen field as you are much more likely to have the inside knowledge that is so important for giving yourself an edge over your competitors. If you do decide to get involved in an industry that you are not totally familiar with, it is hugely important that you do a lot of market research and speak to the experts so you are totally confident that you can make a success of it. After you have settled on a business type, the next step is to write a business plan so you can test out the feasibility of your idea. Speak to as many people as possible so that you are confident that there is a healthy demand for your business.    


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