Are you stuck on a business idea? There is always a real sticky period when you’ve come up with the idea that you think is gold, but you need to find out if the idea “has legs.” The real question you need to ask yourself is “does the idea cater for a need in society?” While there are many businesses that sell products and fulfill a need for a corner of the market, does it provide a use for people? Now, many people have caught on to the fact that people are in a massive self-development drive right now. Health and fitness is a massive market, and self-improvement is only a little bit behind. You only have to look at people like Tony Robbins to see how big the brand of self-improvement is. Education needs a massive drive right now, and as people are struggling to get tuition fees for college, or they find themselves pressured by too many exams, you can take advantage of these by implementing a few of these business ideas…



Textbooks… But Online

The digitizing of every library means that there is a reduced demand for physical books. By providing cloud-based learning materials for a low price, you are helping the campus libraries take control of their finances that they would probably lose in the cost of purchasing expensive paper textbooks. This also benefits the university, and it helps the students keep their costs down. Everybody wins!



Online Study Tools

While the clampdown on website sources for essays are still in force, that doesn’t mean you can’t use the web to gain insightful information from course tutors or fellow students. While many students could be embarrassed to ask a question, you could make it anonymous. While a network builds, you can connect students and professors to other colleges, and it can become a massive tool for online learning.




An Online College

The rise in distance learning has shown to be the way forward, people have lives to lead and don’t have the time to spend five days a week sat in a college. The solution? You make the college come to you! You don’t have to waste money on buildings, and you can still promote that class unity by holding classes, albeit once in a blue moon. While this type of setup already exists, you can still compete with the bigger businesses by making your marketing techniques stand out. You can learn more about education marketing at MarketingWorks who spend a lot of time with educational authorities on making them stand out for the right reasons.




All these business ideas are online, but this will be where you make money. Apprenticeships are proving to be a useful method to get people into employment, and you could start a business that works with established companies to give applicants the skills they need to work for that company in a proper capacity. That way, you are being paid by the company and reducing their workload in training an applicant up.




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