You don’t need a science degree to learn from the world of science. In many instances, such a course wouldn’t benefit your business anyway; at least, not unless your business is based around a science startup idea. However, there are principles you can learn from science, so while you might not understand the intricacies of the scientific world, you might still glean some wisdom from it.


Here are just two of the business lessons you can use from the scientific world.


#1: Ask questions

Scientists are an inquisitive bunch. They don’t know everything, so they research such things as the human body to discover more about the inner workings to promote better health. They want to know how things work, why certain things happen, and what they need to do to make a change. They don’t accept the way things are; they ask questions to fuel their experimentations.


And this is true of business. Don’t accept the world around you. If a customer doesn’t buy from you, don’t assume ‘it’s just the way they are.’ You don’t need to know the science behind a customer’s spending decision, and how their brain processed the thought to not buy from you. But you can ask questions to determine what might have been behind their reasoning.


How did they come to a decision not to buy? Is it because your prices are too high?


Why did they head over to your competitor? Was it because they offered the customers more than you?


How can you make a change? What can you do to cause a better reaction the next time a customer considers choosing your business?


Be inquisitive in all aspects of your business, as by showing curiosity into how and why things are happening within your operation, you, like any scientist strives to, might just find the right answers to improve your business.


#2: Use the right tools

Without the right tools, a scientists job is useless. If they don’t use certain tools, or their tools are  ineffective, then they will struggle to get results. They won’t resolve a problem, and they might mistakes in the process. Like any professional, including yourself, they need the right tools to accomplish their goals, from filtration equipment, such as a 96 well plate to avoid cross-contamination in their work, to data analysis tools, such as the appropriate software to accurately measure findings.


What does this mean for you? Think about the tools you need for your business. You need the right equipment to deliver excellent products and services to your customers and clients, and to resolve any problem you are trying to solve. And you need the right software to help you determine the effectiveness of your marketing, as you won’t understand your ROI otherwise. Your business would be less effective without these things, so as scientists use the right tools to find success in the work they do, ensure you have the right tools to find success and expand your business.


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Hrvoje Horvat


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