You have nothing but love for your workforce. Sure, it may have been your ideas, your passion and your vision upon which your company was built, but your workforce helped you to take it to the next level. Thanks to them, your ideas have been rendered in reality and in their daily operations they strive to embody the ideals upon which your business and your brand are built. However, if you love something… Sometimes you have to set it free.



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Do you struggle to achieve peak operational efficiency? Do you find that your sales team spend a lot of time at their desks filling out paperwork when they could be closing deals? Do you constantly look for new ways to drive down operating costs? Setting your workforce free via remote working can help you to achieve all of the above goals.


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There was a time when businesses needed to keep all of their operations under their own roof. Why? Because the digital tools which were so integral to their operations were run on desktop computers in their physical workplaces. Today, however, businesses have a wealth of cloud based tools at their disposal to allow entrepreneurs and their employees to run crucial aspects of their operation from home, from the car or from anywhere with a working internet connection.


As 5G rolls out across the world, it’s getting harder and harder to find a site without a robust internet connection. Let’s take a look at some of the cloud-based tools which can usher in a new era of flexibility for your business and freedom for your employees.  


Free Agent

Free Agent is an extremely comprehensive and user friendly piece of bookkeeping software which allows you to run your business from virtually anywhere. It’s easy to understand dashboard gives you a clear and comprehensive overview of your business while its robust functionality allows you to manage your invoices and expenses no matter where you are. It even has convenient tax forecasts and reminders.



A CRM is an essential tool for virtually any business. A CRM is your one-stop repository for all of your customer information and is a shared resource available to all of your employees to ensure the highest standard of service for the customer. Salesforce is widely regarded as the gold standard for CRMs. It’s functionality makes it a good fit for virtually any kind of business and best of all it’s completely cloud based. Check out this comparison of different CRMs to decide which best fits your business.


Google Docs

If your business has word processing needs yet still uses MS Office, stop! Stop today! Google Docs is not only a better and more intuitive word processing tool, it’s completely free and cloud based with features that make it easy for collaboration and sharing of documents no matter where you are. No more emailing Word docs back and forth.


Slack and Asana

Finally, Slack and Asana make for an impressive combo when it comes to assigning and managing tasks while also facilitating clear communication within your organisation and different working groups. Using these tools together Using these two in tandem takes the guesswork out of running your business remotely!


With the right digital tools you can set your workforce free while also ushering in an new era of cost efficiency!


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Hrvoje Horvat

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