Common Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

Mistakes can be costly for any type of business, but this is even more so the case for small businesses. When you have limited resources or a small set of clients, one error can be deadly. With that in mind, read on to discover some of the common mistakes small business owners make so that you can avoid them.


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Failing to monitor how the competition markets and advertises – You need to keep tabs on what your competitors are doing. Assess local competition, as well as businesses that aren’t situated in your area. Four is a good number to go with. Evaluate their marketing and advertising. Don’t do this so that you can copy what they are doing. Instead, determine their failures and successes so you know what does work and what doesn’t. This will stop you from pumping money into a marketing strategy that is proven to fail. Discover how to keep an eye on your competitors effectively here:


Not tracking results – If you don’t track results, how are you ever going to improve? You won’t know what works and what doesn’t work, and so you will never be able to take your business to the next level. You need to track every element of your business, from foot traffic, to conversions through PPC ads, to tracking website goals through Google Analytics. Every business is going to make mistakes or misjudgments, it is learning from them that matters, and you simply won’t be able to do this if you aren’t tracking everything.


Not using software that is tailored to your needs – We all know that software can breed efficiencies. However, one of the biggest mistakes small business owners make is choosing software with little consideration for how it is going to fit in with their business and their day-to-day operations. They opt for a well-known solution or they look for the cheapest fix. Instead, you need to ensure that the software you choose is actually going to improve your daily operations. Bespoke solutions are great, but they are also expensive, and not always necessary. You can find software that is designed for your industry, and then tailor it to suit you. For example, there is for hotel management, as well as for the food and beverage sector.


You don’t take the time to understand what the customer needs – There are a lot of business owners that are guilty of this; they provide what they want the customer to have, instead of determining what the customer actually needs. You must provide an exceptional customer experience. This is why it is important to determine your target customer and then assess the journey they will have with your business. Evaluate every action along the way so you can figure out what the customer wants, and then design an experience that fulfils this.


You have blown your budget on one thing – This happens a lot too, especially when starting up. Business owners assign themselves a nice lump of cash to get their company up and running. They then decide to invest it in one big thing, thinking that it will help them to break even quicker. In the end, you have blown your budget on something that does not have the desired effect, leaving yourself underfunded for all other areas of your business.



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