Create A Safe And Secure Environment Within The Workplace


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If you have just started up your own business and are searching for ways that you can create a safe and secure environment within your office, here is a list of the top 7 most important must haves.


Fire and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Making sure you have a fire alarm is obvious. But what about a carbon monoxide alarm? A lot of people overlook this, but it is so important! Carbon monoxide poisoning is one of the many silent killers. You will never know unless you have one of these alarms – so make sure you get one!



Fire Escape

Every office needs a fire escape. This means somewhere you and your employees can exit if ever there is an emergency. The access should be free from obstruction and easy to get to. Also make sure you have a sign above the exit that can be seen clearly.


Fire Extinguisher

You will also need a fire extinguisher on the wall. In a lot of cases you will never have to use this, but if ever a small fire broke out, and you do not consider your life to be in danger, then a fire extinguisher can be used to put the fire out. If you ever do have to use one, make sure to refill it as you can’t be sure how much is left inside.



Fire Drill

Once you have everything set up, you will need to hold a fire drill. These give everyone a practice run to what exactly needs to be done if there were really a fire. Make sure you have your plan beforehand, otherwise no one will know what they’re doing. But keep it simple and organized, and everything should run smoothly.




Another way of ensuring safety for you, your employees and your business is by installing a security system. Not only will this prevent people from breaking in, but it will also make you and your staff feel a lot better. There are many companies like HS Tech Group that will help you decide what the best option for your business is. Our technology has come a long way nowadays, meaning now our security systems are able to send us real-time text and email alerts and even control the locks through your smartphone.



Safety Meeting

It’s important to have secure safety meetings with all of your staff on a regular basis. Not only does is keep everyone up to speed, it always welcomes any ideas or comments your employees may have in certain areas.


Keep Records

Make a record of all inspections, first aid treatment, incident investigations, and training activities. This information can really help to improve unsafe conditions or work procedures by focusing on what hasn’t been done.



Now you have all the answers you need on how to create a safe environment for you, your staff, and your business. So no more worrying; now you can focus on growing a successful business, have happy employees and making money.



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