The Podcast Manifesto! What Your Business Needs To Make It In Audio

The Podcast manifesto! What your business needs to make it in audio

Podcasting is the ideal platform for engaging with your clients (and potential clients) in a meaningful way. It gives you the chance to explain, in detail, what you have to offer. It also gets your message across when your listeners are not in a position to read something. They can engage with your brand at the same time as driving or preparing a meal. The same cannot be said for newsletters of social media posts.

Once you have an impressive website and marketing strategy set up with advice from you can start to look at podcasts as a way of securing more visitors. The bad news is that this is now a very crowded platform. It seems that everyone has jumped on the podcast bandwagon and it can be hard to get your voice heard above the crowd. However, there is plenty that you can do to make your podcast and your brand stand out. Simply follow this podcast manifesto for podcasting success.



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Be specific and be different  

When you try and please everyone you run the risk of pleasing no-one so stop trying. Define your ideal listener. Then tailor your content specifically for them. What are they struggling with right now? Help them to solve their problems.

Research your niche well before you go anywhere near a microphone. What are your competitors doing? If a particular format for example, an interview with experts, has been over-done it is time for you to pick an entirely different format. This will make your content appear fresh and exciting.



Be consistent

There is nothing more annoying than hunting around for the next episode of a podcast that does not seem to exist. Do not start this project until you are certain that you have enough material and resources to keep going for several months. Listeners like to tune in at a regular time. This could be a long commute home from work, a daily trip to the gym or a weekly stroll in the park. If your podcast is missing when they want to access it they will go elsewhere.




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This means that you have to be honest with yourself about what you can deliver. Weekly podcasts are a sensible way to star. Release your podcast at exactly the same time on exactly the same day each week.



Be professional

A poorly prepared, recorded and edited podcast stands out a mile and is very off-putting. It ruins your credibility as a voice of authority in your field of expertise. Invest in a good quality microphone. You also need a pop filter to get rid of distracting breathy sounds which makes your podcast sound like an amateur production.




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Divide the show into sections and record them separately. Then edit it using a free program such as Audacity. Editing your show removes the pressure to be perfect during each take. If you make a mistake just record that section and start again. The final product will be sleek and professional.



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