Merch For The Masses: Digital Marketing Trends To Embrace

Identifying the trends in marketing is like trying to catch a fly in a fishing net, you’ll forever be chasing the latest way to promote your product and get ahead of the game. There is no one way to get your service to the masses, but by embracing the change in technology, you will always find a way to keep up to date with ongoing trends. But you need to stay ahead of the pack, and what’s out there for your business to embrace?





PPC Marketing… With A Twist

Yes, are aware of this, but pay-per-click marketing has acquired a new edge. Identity-based PPC marketing is where you are able to target customers based on their phone number or email address. You are presenting customers with content based on their own individual tastes. You don’t need to figure out what a whole demographic does anymore with this method, you can direct ads to a specific individual.



Wearable Technology

Concerns with our health will never go away, and there is a way to capitalize on that. As there are tools like the Fitbit already doing very well, there has to be a way to get to your customers with these apps. The great thing about wearable tech is that they can provide you with a lot of data, which you can turn into a great marketing campaign. Utilize some creative advertising agencies to generate a campaign that really speaks to the health-conscious individual. There is always a new fad with food, and you can use that to immediately get your product to thousands, if not millions, of people.



User Generated Content

A remarkable adaption to the multitude of Instagram or YouTube posts, User Generated Content is a bit like a social media version of peer pressure, because the positive effect of someone talking enthusiastically about your products means that others may want to try it too. As a result, you can use this content as part of your advertising campaign. Look at the #MakeItHappen campaign by Microsoft, where 31 people from all over the globe complete 31 new year’s resolutions. Users entered and were given a Microsoft Lumia to help them achieve their resolution by using the Lumia and its apps.



Go On Many Platforms

The term omnichannel experience has been peddled in relation to this. From shopping on their computer at home right through to going into the store, you can help customers to interact with their brands on every single level. It is a great way to develop an insight into your customers and their buying habits. If you created an app to help customers book an experience, and then that app not only is their passkey and payment platform, it is their ID badge and is the only tool they need to select items, place an order, and pay for everything, it fully immerses them in the brand. Disney did it, and they gained a massive insight into how they can improve the experience for their customers. It’s not just social media anymore!  



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