Every company out there has their methods for marketing, be it the newer digital methods or the older traditional methods. So many small businesses that are newly launching have a struggle when it comes to deciding which way to go. The struggle comes with the marketing budget that is on offer, as often it can only go as far as either the digital route or the traditional. But which one of those is best?




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It may seem like an obvious choice, as digital marketing works far better for a world of technology that is seeping into every aspect of business. However, each company has their own way of thinking and it would be up to you to decide whether you go for the traditional methods or not. You want to be able to choose the method that gives you the most for your money and this will depend on what kind of company you have. We should look at the two methods and weigh the pros and cons, so that you can make an informed decision:


Traditional Marketing. Traditional marketing techniques often surround print ads and magazines. You can reach a target market very easily with traditional marketing techniques, and if you are a small business that has a local community surrounding you, you can easily send out ads over the local radio and get more business from the local area. The materials that are used in traditional marketing are also able to be kept, meaning they can be used again and again. The older generation understand traditional marketing methods and if your company markets a product to the elderly, you need to align your marketing to what they can understand, making traditional the method of choice. There is less effort to process direct mail and leaflets, than there is to process digital information as digital information is far more complex.





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Digital Marketing. With so many companies, such as Avex Designs, offering digital marketing solutions for customers, you cannot escape the digital era. Businesses are turning more and more to technology to promote their companies because everyone who is anyone is now online. Social media, digital websites and mobile technology has meant that people can access companies and products at the click of a button, any time of day. Your audience can be global, meaning that you have even more of an incentive to succeed with your products if you know it can reach worldwide. The other beauty of digital marketing is that your audience gets to control how they view you, which means that you need to have a cracking marketing team ensuring that the user experience of your website. You can choose how you interact with your audience, too, whether that’s in the format of a live forum, or in the format of a blog that you run for their benefit.


Whichever marketing method you choose, you have to be able to understand what your audience is and what it wants. You wouldn’t market Zimmer frames on a website if your target audience aren’t the silver surfers you hope they are so choose well!



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