Whether you are a small business working on with a large client base, or you are a sole trader working on just one large project, you always need to ensure that you stay in your client’s good books. If you start to get on the wrong side of your client, their satisfaction with your work will quickly decline, and they might even end up calling time on your professional relationship.



Do you get the feeling that your client isn’t completely happy with you and your work? Here are some ways you can turn that frown upside down!




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Keep In Contact Regularly

Even if you have been working with your client for a long period, you should still regularly check in with them. If you don’t, they might think that you have forgotten about them! It’s a good idea to lock in a regular call with them. This could be fortnightly or monthly; it just gives you the chance to give them a rundown of what you have been doing with regards to their project. It also gives them a chance to offer you feedback and communicate any changes to the brief or deadline dates.




Remember That Your Client Is Busy

Your client might have their own business to take care of, or they might be juggling a few different freelancers working on various projects. You need to respect that they are very busy and won’t be able to dedicate every minute of every day to you. If they don’t respond to your emails or calls straight away, give them a break. It’s fair enough to follow up an email or call a week later, but don’t be persistently on your client’s back trying to get a response.




Take Responsibility For Your Mistakes

Another way you can improve the client experience is by standing up and taking responsibility for your own actions and mistakes. If you do make a mistake in your work, it’s a really bad idea to try and pass the buck onto someone else or, even worse, onto your client. Your client won’t mind if you do make the odd mistake – after all, you’re only human! Just make sure you settle it in a professional and dignified manner.




Try And Go Above And Beyond

If you want to make your client truly happy (and you should!), you need to be ready to go above and beyond the call of duty. There are various ways you can do this, but one of the easiest is to just do more than what is asked of you during the work day. If you think you can put your skills to good use in another area for your client, let them know. Once your client realizes that you are an invaluable team player, they will want to retain you for as long as possible.


Once you think that your client’s smile is starting to turn into a frown, you need to take action. And these tips can help you do just that!




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