It is great to have your own business. It is even better if you have it in your home.


Today is very popular to have home based business. Not only popular, but it is great for your family because you can be home and be with your wife and kids.


Lot of work
Like in any business home business needs you time. Most of the home based business are in front of your computer, so one thing is for sure you need to spend lot of time in front of your computer. For sure you don’t want to risk to get back to a job. So, it is much better to work 100 hours for yourself them 40 hours per week for somebody else.




Most of the day you probably spend sitting in front of your computer. Question is how healthy is that? Probably not so much.
That can be a huge problem for you. Since you are most of the time home in front of your computer or playing with your kids. You put your health in risk.
Whole idea with home based business is that you have better life not worse. That you have more health not less. So, one thing is for sure. You have to start working on yourself.


What to do?
Don’t be so focused only on your online business. Be focused on your health also. I am sure that when you will start to work on your health your brain will work much better and your business will work also much better.
Create a daily routine. In that daily routine you have to put at least 30 minutes of some kind a workout. You can go to gym, you can go running for 30 minutes or maybe bicycling. What ever, just to create training for your body. You will be more productive and you will feel much better.


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