When a business grows or wins a new commercial pitch, there is always an internal debate about whether to recruit new members of the staff or whether to find another solution. This is a tricky question because most companies still feel a lot more confident about recruiting employees than they are about finding expertise outside of their office. However, it is important to consider that in-house experts are not always the right solution for your needs. In truth, in-house experts can sometimes cost you a lot more than they can deliver. How you find the expertise you need depends entirely on the kind of expertise and the way it is expected to interact with other business processes. But let’s dive into the world of expert recruitment to find out more about it.




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The Advantages Of In-House Experts

For any company, building a strong team of talented professionals is key to success. Naturally, this will require a thorough recruitment and training process to ensure that you have the right person onboard – as explained in a previous article https://www.bloghrvojehorvat.com/recruit-train-retain-build-business-team/ –, but experts are valuable in the business world. Having the right talents in the team can place you in a significant position when you are pitching for commercial projects in front of and against other companies. For instance, if you are competing against other similar businesses to win a trading deal as a supplier for a large company – as this can be the case for the marketing, facilities management, event management, and building sector – it makes no doubt that the team that can gather the most skills and experience will be the best suited for the deal.




The Main Problems With In-House Experts

However, while in-house experts are advantageous to present your company experience, they also have a tendency to quit more rapidly. The turnover of expert staff is extremely high, and higher than other roles because they are professionals who only work on a certain type of projects. For example, a specialist engineer whose niche experience lies in the planning of large-scale water solutions for swimming centers and water parks will get bored if he or she is asked to work on smaller projects. As a result, he or she will quit. Experts are very costly to replace, as their recruitment can cost up to over 200% of their salary. In other words, experts are hard to keep, and they are expensive to find.




What If I Don’t Need An Expert?

There is a common belief that you may not always need an expert. While this is true and there are roles that don’t require a high level of expertise, your company should still appear as an industry expert. Indeed, positioning the business as the expert in sector X is the best selling argument that you will find. Consequently, you will need to find experts in your specific industry sector to support you. If you work with a variety of commercial clients, you probably need an accounting team who is au fait of the latest trends; in other words, you need someone who reads https://factoringdirectory.org/blog/ to stay informed and adapt to the accounting evolutions of the market. To put things clearly, you may not need experts in every single role in the team, but you certainly need the people who are responsible for external commercial interactions to be experts in their field.




The Problem With Expertise

Expertise is not only expensive, but it needs to be regularly trained and updated. What your team knew when you hired them may not be relevant anymore today. This is especially true in technical roles, such a web developer or digital strategist. Additionally, the cost of an expert, as said earlier, needs to be justified. While you want the best for your business, it doesn’t mean that the best should always sit in-house. For example, small companies, even though they still need the support of a certified accountant, prefer the hire the services of accounting firms throughout the year to keep their books and prepare their taxes, as there wouldn’t be enough work to justify the cost of a full-time accountant. The same argument is valid for any experts.




How Can I Contract an Expert?






The main worry about not recruiting a specialist for your team but looking at a freelancing contractor is that these might seem more difficult to find. Indeed, most companies rely on recruiting agents to find their employees, but they don’t always know where to look to find independent freelancers. There are online platforms, such as https://theworkcrowd.com/ or People Per Hour, where companies and individuals can find freelance experts. These platforms provide a biography as well as an online portfolio of each freelancer. Additionally, there may be the option of using client’s feedback too. More and more freelancers also have their own website where they promote their services, which is a great way of finding them too.




Is There Any Problem With Freelancers?

For companies, dealing with freelancers can be daunting, as it feels like you have no protection if the freelancer fails to deliver. As a result, online freelancing platforms have developed to protect companies and freelancers, ensuring that when payment is due it can be paid on time, and that when the service hasn’t been delivered the company isn’t charged unnecessarily. But using a contract will also protect your rights if you choose to deal directly with freelancers. In other words, you are not left exposed.

Can I Outsource To A Specialist Company?

Sometimes, a freelancer is not the right solution for your business. Sometimes, you need more than one recurring type of skill. If this is the case, you can look for outsourcing your projects to a company. The common case is to outsource some of your marketing operation to a specialist digital marketing agency, for example, or to a communication agency. However, you can find all sorts of outsourcing scenarios, such as using an IT company to keep your office equipment safe and maintained, or hiring a cleaning agency to keep your office clean and sanitized. You will face the same risk than hiring a freelancer and the contract will offer the same protection.





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